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La Bendita Chilanga         Featured Bike! on 12/9/2010

Bike tags: Fixed gear | 54cm | Bareknuckle | EAI | purple | more tags >>
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EAI Bareknuckle / 54cm

Nitto RB-021 40cm / Dimenson 100mm -17 deg. OR Vision Trimax Integrated 41cm / Vision Sizemore 70mm -10 deg.

EAI BK / Chris King NoThreadset (polished silver)

Sun M13 II Black / Origin 8 / Kenda Kriterium 23c

Sun M13 II Black / Origin 8 / Kenda Kriterium 23c

Truvativ Omnium 175mm / GXP Blackbox BB (ceramic bearings)

Fizik Aliante Carbon Braided / Thomson Elite

Shimano PD-M540 / KMC

tektro / cane creek 200t

46x18 / FSA Track chainring / EAI Deluxe cog


Most of the parts were swapped from my bowery, and the frame and fork sold for chump change.

Got this frame from volksguy, and now the complete bike is in UCF e30s hands. Something told me that fixed gear commuting (even with a brake) was not doing my knees any good.

"Wrong hole fool"

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The new wheels and black

The new wheels and black make the build look a lot better!

I know thanks! I am really

I know thanks! I am really impressed with how much better a few changes made it look. More masculine...

I really like the new build

I really like the new build but that saddle...

hahaha. i wanted to at least

hahaha. i wanted to at least swap it out for a black ism adamo, but cant afford to buy one, and my efforts to make a straight trade on DC craigslist for a black one have gone nowhere, as you can imagine.

I know it is a horribly ugly saddle, and an unnecessary shade of white on the bike, but it does the job! At some point I will replace with a black ism adamo, or even a fizik aliante


that don't be a menace to south central while drinking your juice in the hood poster is the cats pajamas!

Ironically, some higher end

Ironically, some higher end frame store had this on display (no idea why, the poster seems to bother a lot of people, including the fiancee...) and I couldn't resist. My mom surprised me one day by making the guy an offer and bringing it home to me. One of the best gifts I have received. No idea why a mom would buy her 14 year old son this poster (this was, of course, a long time ago).


that's awesome. quite the experience heh.

Looks great

Sick whip- I really like that saddle & aero bar set up. I'm digging the purple too.

Hey thanks. I figured if I

Hey thanks. I figured if I cant dish out 2k for a TT bike, the next best thing is to get some aerobars and make sure my back can withstand the positioning for more than 5 minutes

Vision base bar

I built a TT bike from CL and eBay stuff (final cost ~800, so it can certainly be done for less than 2k). I've got the vision bars on there, the base bar is horrible though. My arms start falling asleep if I spend any extended time on the bullhorns. You ever have that problem?

I have been seeing ways to

I have been seeing ways to build up a good TT bike through ebay as well. A lot of lesser cherished TT frames from the early to mid 2000s pop up on there quite a bit, sometimes full builds in great shape for under 1000. I saw a giant trinity up there and I think the bidding ended around 900, with full shimano ultegra.

As it relates to the vision base bar, I think I have felt the same thing you have. I unfortunately haven't ridden these much outside, and when I do I spend most of my time on the aerobars. But since the winter, whenever I get on my rollers, I tend to use the bullhorns rather than stretch out on the aerobars because I have a hard time pushing myself enough to get a decent workout and keep my balance at the same time (using aerobars on rollers takes some time to get used to I guess). But yes, after about 30 mins, my arms start getting uncomfortable. There is really only one place to put your hands, and its a small area between the tip of the bullhorns and the flat part, which leave no room for more hand positions. I think the extension and pad combination is really great though.

I think these bars were made for TT positioning exclusively...which is why I am always surprised when I see someone with just the base bar (because it is not very versatile).

Just saw your TT bike (really nice by the way). I see you have the same ski bend as I. I spent days trying to decide between the racing bend and the ski bend. A guy at tree fort bikes convinced me I should stay away from the r bend until I got used to aerobars. These seem much easier on the wrists, wouldnt you agree?

I'm lucky to live in a town

I'm lucky to live in a town that treats high end bike parts like tissue paper. always wish I had more money to spend on Kleenx myself.

I do really dig the aerobar part of the vision set up. I haven't used the r bend but I'm liking the ski bend. it puts the shifters in a better place when not in attack mode and allows for easier transitions between the horns and aerobars. Its finally getting nice enough out to start taking the TT bike for much longer rides (its been my extremely fast commuter for the past few months, complete with toe clips from the IRO, haha). I'm keeping my eyes out for some 42 cm Stratos to make the ride more bearable.

Can't wait to see your GTB.

Purple and khaki was my fav

Purple and khaki was my fav colors for the BK frames

Hahaha. Well this purple is

Hahaha. Well this purple is not the stock EAI purple. And Khaki? never heard of that. I think perhaps you are making fun of my bike benson

Well I like the repainted

Well I like the repainted color but I read what you wrote it was repainted and in same time kept thinking oh its just the lighting lol and I meant khaki green

Ah I see. yeah, the khaki

Ah I see. yeah, the khaki green is also really nice. I think that for the simplicity of the BKs and Godzillas, the colors are great. Your frame is a perfect example of this.

The paint on mine is chipping away like crazy, but one day I will get a professional clear coat, and maybe even find the same color paint somewhere

When I first got it I wanted

When I first got it I wanted to take the paint off and paint it matt black because I hate the color blue but ironically I have 2 blue bikes. Then the more I look at it the more the color grows on me. The blue on this is sweet, depending on light the bike looks celeste green, teal, aqua blue. Deff love the Khaki green with black parts


If you are looking for 56cm.. I have one that I would trade for your 54cm. Lemme know!

Hey daniel, thanks for the

Hey daniel, thanks for the offer, but for now I think I am going to stick with this one. I am eventually going to build up a 56 but want to keep this one as well because it fits my fiancee. she loves the purple!

I was gonna buy this, but it

I was gonna buy this, but it was a little big for me.

Yeah the 54 definitely runs

Yeah the 54 definitely runs more like 55. I was suprised that the standover is the same as my fiancees 57cm pista. Anyway, if you can get your hands on one of these, new or used, definitely go for it. Your rush may be lighter but this thing has surprised me over and over again since I started riding it on monday.

well you have that giant to

well you have that giant to compare it to. I'm not denying it's greatness, but I don't think it is that much better than the rush.

hahaha i know i know. the

hahaha i know i know. the bowery is crap. I was actually looking to replace the bowery with a rush, but the opportunity never came.

I got lucky and got it for

I got lucky and got it for 300, It was sans fork, but I had a better one anyways.

For a 54 this bike has a

For a 54 this bike has a huge head tube and my 55 Pista's head tube isnt even that long.
Great looking setup I love the Omniums with the Sugino Mighty looking ring

hahaha if only it was a

hahaha if only it was a sugino mighty. it seems to be holding up pretty well for origin 8.

Judging by your seat angle,

Judging by your seat angle, I'd say you need to lower the seat just slightly and level out the saddle.

It's good you've built up this 54cm because now you can really judge if you need a 54 or 56.

Well I put my ISM Adamo back

Well I put my ISM Adamo back on there and according to their webpage it should dip a little because it is technically a tri saddle. But I need to keep playing around with that because the saddle is really only comfortable when the angle is at a certain point.

As for the sizing, this bike is a little small on me, but like I said I want to try out some vision trimax aerobars on this with a 70mm stem. When I build up the black BK in the spring I am definitely going to go with the 56 because of the seat tube length and because I dont want to have to put a 110 or 120mm stem on there.

I will post much nicer pictures soon!

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