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2010 LBC Fuji Track Pro

Bike tags: Single speed
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2010 Fuji Track Pro

Nitto Bullhorns / Thomson

Stock Fuji Carbon / Cane Creek

H Plus Son / All City / Vittoria Rubino

Raw Aerospoke / Conti Gatorskin

Sugino Messenger / Sugino

Fizik Arione / Stock Fuji



Shimano 105

Thanks to the crew at City Grounds-thanks to all the peeps on velospace who are on here to appreciate and share the love for cycling without dissing when you don't like someone else's ride. finally, i'm fortunate to have a rig to be riding around all over the city as much as i can. ride safe..........

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where is the rest of your seatmast?

Integrated seat mast

the integrated seat mast looks great man! also, do you feel the aero benefit of the smaller front wheel? I know old time trial bikes used to do that, but I think the uci banned it because it was too aero.


can't really say i feel the

can't really say i feel the aero benefits of running the smaller wheel up front but i do feel more stable when i'm riding fast......don't know if that counts as aero.....

it totally does, that's the

it totally does, that's the air stabilizing your bike which will allow you to go faster safely.

also lose the brake, it's totally killing the aesthetics of an otherwise super dope ride. can't wait to see how this beast does on the track!



very nice pictures!!! a new

very nice pictures!!!
a new one for my desctop... ;)

that's cool and quite a

that's cool and quite a compliment.....

that's cool and quite a

that's cool and quite a compliment.....


Sweet Man, Sweet.. your rig your ride!


fuji fuji fuji fuji FUJI!!!!!!!!!! hey enjoy what u built man,ignore the haters!.nice bike!

thanks man

thanks man

for the first 2 idiots

LMFAO the first two comments had to be from two fucking hater morons......wrong wrong wrong on everything

ok so i hope you plan on

ok so i hope you plan on keeping this frame forever because you have rendered it useless to anyone else by cutting the seat mast that short, also this is a 2009 not a 2010


I bet you're a fat hipster

shouldve bought one that

shouldve bought one that fits you better

re:should've bought one that fit better

thanks dogg, but riding a 50cm bike you know i ain't towering over too many folks..........this is actually a dope fit plus i like riding that low and couldn't pass up on a practically free brand new frame........

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