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Mercier Kilo TT Deluxe - SOLD

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Reynolds 520 in British Racing Green / 55 c-c / 2010

Ahearne-MAP / 110mm Soma Shotwell

Kilo TT / IRD Technoglide (Tange) sealed

4x / 36h Soma sealed / Mavic Open Pro / 23c Maxxis Detonator

4x / double fixed 36h Soma sealed / Mavic Open Pro / 23c Maxxis Detonator

171mm 151bcd Sugino Mighty track / 109mm Tange ISO sealed

Avocet Racing II / 26.8mm Soma one-bolt

SR pedals from my MB-2, MKS large clips, cloth straps / KMC


1/8", 67.6 gear-inches / 17 & 19t Soma cogs + lockrings / 48t Sugino Mighty Competition / Burger Bell, SKS P35s

Winter bike, fun project, a blast to ride. Decided on this pretty little frame over the Pake C'Mute. I built it with my long-gone Nishiki fixed gear conversion in my heart.

Frame Saver and cartridge bearings for the rain. Braek coz I dunno how to ried bieks.

Thanks Merry Sales!

Sold it to my roommate. She was a faithful steed, but I sold her like a filthy whore for grocery money. Making room for my next project, a 70s Botecchia with a seized seatpost.

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this was the inspiration for

this was the inspiration for my killo tt build. outstanding!


I am most honored! I do miss this one from time to time, just not the clearance issues. I should get around to posting my winter bike for this season. Thank you for your kind words!

when putting fenders on is

when putting fenders on is 23c the biggest tire you can fit?

yeah... probably

I'd have to do some pulling and tugging every once awhile on the front fender to keep it from rubbing even with the 23c's. It worked pretty well though, minus the fender/toe overlap.

Best Kilo I've seen in a

Best Kilo I've seen in a long time.

thank you

very much!

The hamburger bell with the

The hamburger bell with the googly eyes is the best!


It's nice to see a practical Kilo. I just got one in the same size and I'm glad to see fenders will fit. Nice build.


glad you like it. Yeh, the fenders fit fine; only issue is a bit of toe overlap. But it's nice to have a frame with zippy handling that also has all the necessary drillings and eyelets for fenders, racks, etc.

looking forward to seeing your Kilo; btw I like the setup on your schwinn traveler. Reminds me of my conversions way back ol' when :)

Love your bike.

ATB The bars are so cool.I am putting a similar bar,black, on my Schwinn conversion,shortening the grip area.I love the colors and total look of your bike.

duuuuude sweeet!!!

duuuuude sweeet!!!


Racebladed Kilo TT buddies! woooooo


what I wished my Kilo was, except with a rack in the back. Awesome job.


thanks! I'm looking to rack it up in the near future; Trader Joe trips woooo! The next paycheck can't come soon enough.

+1 on racks! I'm saving up

+1 on racks! I'm saving up for a Cetma next for my beater.

Gah I want another Kilo!

too bad I spent everything on shifters. boooo

and trader joes trips are great trips

what shifters did you get?

remind me again what you're building up.

Sram Force shifters

the new ones with the white graphics! also got a ultegra 6600 cassette for in great condition. still looking for a sram rear derailleur and 10 speed chain; i havent spent a ton but i wanna keep my costs down so hopefully i find a cheap rear derailleur!

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