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Milholland Messenger Special Pista

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Milholland, 58x57, 2010


Campagnolo Super Record

32 hole Velocity Aero/Zipp T2

32 hole Velocity Aero/Zipp T2

Suntour Superbe Pro 170/Campagnolo Chorus

Ti Supercorsa/Sugino Mighty



Picture upload here is crap. Try this:

Handbuilt by one Portland ex messenger, and painted by another at COAT, for another. This is a replacement for both my work bike(Casati, too short, 30K plus rough luck miles) and my track racing bike(Fiorelli Coppi, vintage steel). Went for oversize, stiffer tubing along with my old Casati's paint scheme. I let Greg Morris of Milholland put his touch and creativity into the rest.
The old 1910s Western Union "Messenger Special" badge I had on the Casati got transferred onto the seat tube. It came off a rusted and seized D.P. Harris Western Union roadster about 15 years ago and has found its way on to most of my primary work bikes ever since. It works perfectly as a theme, and after 90 plus years it's fitting that it's received another specific incarnation.
This rides better than any steel bike I've ever ridden, hands down. Fit, responsiveness, comfort. Only my Fiorelli fit as well, but no other department comes close to being matched.

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I love that color. I love that whole bicycle. I love you. Thanks for having it built.

Very nice frame. Superb

Very nice frame. Superb lugs. And the zipp hubs I lust after always!!

like it!

like it!

What a beauty

What a beauty

Oh the color!

That one was hard to give up! It almost fits me!
Man I love the color.
Greg Morris

There can be only one...

Ahh, see, I had you make it my size for a reason. The paint's still looking sharp. You should see the fender set up.

BB & Crankset

Check the compatibility of your crankset and your BB; there is a Japanese and a Italian standart. So Campy and Suntour don't work together!

BB & Crankset

It's NJS though, what could possibly go wrong? Kidding, NJS is Campy. But you knew that, right? Sorry, but I'm and old and now slightly bitter messenger, so I have to remark this way. It's the rules. I know you mean well though. Intentions thanked.

njs is not Campy. Square

njs is not Campy. Square taper size of the crank and bb is not the same. No kidding but with good intensions for sure!

Oh, I should have worded

Oh, I should have worded that better. NJS taper is ISO, not JIS. Campy runs ISO, so I have the correct set up. Conversely, I could use a Sugino 75 track bottom bracket with a Campagnolo track crank. Unless NJS changed things in the past ten or so years, but those were the facts back in the day. Ever seen a Campagnolo Super Record spindle with a NJS stamp? All they needed to do was stamp it. And a couple of years ago people paid through the roof for it. Suckers. Oh man, that stuff was spare change before this forum was even a thought. The good ole days.

First search result I

Okay, that's more I knew

Okay, that's more I knew before ;-) I just have a friend who bought a bike with Shimano BB and Campy pista crank and the cranks are damaged now. But now I learnt the difference between ISO and JJS, THANK YOU!!!

Beautiful lugs!

Beautiful lugs!

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