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Mercier Kilo TT

Bike tags: Track bike
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'06 Kilo TT

Nitto Risers & Nitto Jaguar

Kinesis Carbon Fiber"Bro" & Chris King

Velocity / Sealed Formula Hubs

Velocity / Sealed Formula Hubs

RPM & Shimano 110mm

Selle Italia Nitrox / Thomson Masterpiece


45 Salsa / 16 milwaukee



YES! Finally.

Great theme, a chill person, and a great plan. I totally agree on the upgrading parts not brand names. I just ordered a black kilo tt form bike island. Kinesis, I see all of those forks on bikes direct, where did you order it?

Thanks dude,i got it off a

Thanks dude,i got it off a local bike shop here in gainesville florida, i think i paid was a while back ago.


sixty for the fork.

im gonna have to grab one

im gonna have to grab one sometime. just got finish up wheel stuff first. i might get an h+plus son in the back, and just keep my cheapo alex in the front. because its only the back wheel, 42 wouldnt look stupid right>?

What a piece of shit.



That frame color




thanks alot.


Rasta-Color-ish......Red, Gold, & Green, NICE!!!

head set

how does that threaded stem work with the threadless headset

the headset is threaded

the headset is threaded


whats up with all those grip nuts then


it's a 2nut.
a threaded headset made to be used with spacers.


no dude those are spacers, for the fork thats a bit long.

ok got it, you just put

ok got it, you just put spacers instead of cutting the fork looks cool


i didnt cut the fork cause i didnt want to mess with the thread on it.

Looks good!

I'm going for the yellow/green combo on my Kilo too...nice looking bike my friend.

what kind of fork is that?

what kind of fork is that? is it from nashbar? great looking build.



black headset is on the

black headset is on the way!!
nice kilo!!


sweet ride,
how is it braking without a machined surface? my friend has deep v's and is looking to add a brake as he is not used to riding in traffic


i had a brake on there when i first got the bike, it was my first track bike so i wanted to play it safe. When i changed the ratio to 39/16 i took the break off since it was easier to slow down and skid stop, im currently running 42/16.
But yeah your friend should definitely start with a break.

YO. What are the track bars

YO. What are the track bars in the first picture? What's with people saying you have brake/criticizing you for it? Anyone who criticizes someone for riding with a brake has got to be the stupidest motherfucker alive. Nice bike though for sure.


bars came off a centurion frame..thanks dude!

why the shit do you have a

why the shit do you have a brake on there, anyway?!

there are 3 things in life people should really abide by..

Never eat pussy from a girl you don't know
Never do a flaming shot after drinking everclear
and never...never never put a brake on a track bike. grrr....

In some cities you can get a

In some cities you can get a ticket for not having a break. There are better things to spend 100 dollars on. A hinged cross or bmx brake can be removed in a second if the bike is actually used on a track.



very nice

i like it alot.





You have a front brake on this. Is the front wheel a machined deep V?

machined deep v

yeah to me it just looks better


i only see these on ebay when im broke.


came off real nice....not a big fan of these frames though


i cant complain about this bike its affordable, stiff, durable, good looking ..came with shitty parts, but so does half of the over priced pistas out there.
im all about upgrading components..not name brand BRAAAH!

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