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The Blue Box

Bike tags: Fixed gear | Track bike | 2011 giant omnium | aluminium | Atlanta | more tags >>
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Giant Omnium / ML (55.5) / 2011

Giant alloy or 44cm basebars with deda elementi parabolica zero extensions

Giant Carbon / Integrated

42mm alloy clincher / Conti Grand Prix Supersonic

42mm alloy clincher/ Conti Grand Prix Supersonic

Sram Omnium / Truvativ GXP

Fizik arione / Giant Vector

speedplay zero / kmc track 101


I can't wait for track season.

new pics from track nats with sweet borrowed wheels!

200m 13.471
500m 38.8
1k 1:17

has been ridden at
Dick Lane Velodrome (atlanta)
Superdrome (frisco tx)
T-Town (pennsylvania)
Kissena (ny)
velo sports center (la)

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Love it

I don't know much about Giants, but this bike looks super rad. And you look like a boss in that photo.

Thanks man

Giant is a tiawanese company that started off building frames for other companies (and still does dor many of them) bedore branding bikes as their own. I like this a lot nice and fast.

Great new action shot!

Great new action shot! Blowing away all kinds of fools.


Both of your kits match each others bikes.... Trade Bikes and then take pictures to make it look more cohesive. Haha, JK. Nice Setup!!!


he got that bike to match the kit i'm wearing. he was on my team but then got picked up by someone else... and he cracked the frame unfortunatly.

I like this bike

A lot of people think this model's meh but I've got a friend that's a Cat 1 track racer and this is what he uses and says it's ok.

Plus it looks good. Very nice

i'm enjoying it

at my size i dont need to worry about flex on an oversize aluminium bike. (sure it doesnt feel like a brick like my friends carbon palmeri) but its great for me. not too twitchy like a pure sprint bike, but still quick. and the stock setup is great. i am considering some new narrower bars, getting some conti supersonics once these tires are done and picking up an antares saddle, but other than that its been great.

best stock bike EVER

this in my opinion this IS the best looking stock track bike rite now and not bad for the price and your SO lucky to have a track where you live

i agree

it is still totally stock after an entire season. the only thing i am really considering swapping out would be new saddle and narrower bars. i just got back from junior nationals in frisco, they have a REALLY nice track. i'll throw up some pics from there in TT setup.


Ya im with you on the bars and the saddle but personally i would not change it just cuz it matches the bike HA but its not much of a difference looks wise a new stem would be nice but i would say get what makes you comfy first

hello! nice bike! can I ask

hello! nice bike!

can I ask you how do you feel her on the road?
I mean is it a little bit more 'relaxed' comapred to other bikes meant only for track?
can you do 50-60 km on the road with this beauty or she is gonna kill your back?


keep it real :)

on the road

well the omnium is a true track bike with full track geo, but compared to my road bike it feels a little relaxed (thats probably because my road bike has about 6-7 inches drop from saddle to handlebar) but it feels super quick on the road. the oversize aluminium is super stiff. i have dropped the stem all the way down to get it a little lower, but i think over 50 60km it would get pretty bad cuz with track bars you have no hoods or flat on the tops of the bars so you are in the drops all the time... with road style bars though it would be no problem
the overlap is actually not as bad as i would have expected i get maybe 2-3 cm but i only wear like a size 43 shoe.




I love these Giants, sweet build!

built by?

these are an awesome bike, however they come straight from giant like this. so maybe 'sweet buy' would be a better remark....

either way, they're sick!!!

Lets see some more pictures

Lets see some more pictures I love these frames!

thanks i put some more up

i put some more up crappy quality... iphone camera..

better than nothing! I hear

better than nothing! I hear these things ride very nice on the track ( I wouldnt know anything about the track myself, but I can dream). I think these frames are really unique. Great pickup!

i havent gotten it out to

i havent gotten it out to the track yet but hopefully in the next few days i will... we are lucky enough to have one here in atlanta

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