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This is my KALAVINKA Keirin

Bike tags: Track bike | KALAVINKA
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KALAVINKA NJS for pure my Japanese pro-Keirin racing

Nitto alloy 125AA(390mm),Nitto NJ-Pro Crmo (105mm)

KALAVINKA originals "Fuji-yama bent fork pipe" ,Hatta NJS alloy fitting

Suzue Pro-Max NJS(100mm),Araya Gold NJS,Soyo Red tire for Keirin

Suzue Pro-Max NJS(120mm),Araya Gold NJS,Soyo Red tire for Keirin

Shimano D/A FC-7700(165mm),D/A 48t chainring(own custumize super finished),Shimano D/A BB-7710(JIS)

Kashima Kashimax RS(NJS),Nitto W-44(NJS)

SunTour Superbe Pro track(NJS),Izumi V gold

Shimano D/A own custumize super finished nickel plateing(13t),46tx14t(training),48tx13t(Keirin race)

This my bike is KALAVINKA made Keirin frame for professional race
Pic shot in Maebashi Keirn dome indoor track

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peace from athens greece

peace from athens greece keep pedaling!

So crispy. Can we see more

So crispy. And I think the picture you've got up is ridiculously cool, very nicely framed with the keirin riders in the background! Can we see more pics?

Road Kill Bikers

Hi Tomity

If you ever feel like it, you know you are always welcomed to join on our monthly SPEEED NIGHT here in Tokyo. Just contact me or The Ghetto.

Ride with passion / RxKxBx Mattias

bike parts

excuse me tomity, do you ship to the US.

it was nice to meet you on

it was nice to meet you on your friendship tour. i need to take a better picture of my bike for you. you signed my friend's kalavinka, so i'll shoot that one too.

thanks again.

tomity san

I met you last Oct or Nov in Tokyo @ bike flea market. I bought a 90mm NITTO stem from you.

awsome bike!!! I'm getting a Kalavinka for my self pretty soon.

can't wait!!!!

kalavinka club

Tomity, it's because of you that I knew I needed a Kalavinka.

200th win!

Is this is bike you used to win your 200th Keirin race?
~Lovely bike!

It was born to win!!

Yes!!, This is my fovarite KALAVINKA frame for win to
Keirin race

I loved it
Cool site this

yes, tomity,

yes, tomity, congratulations!!! WHEN you make it to LA, Candice and I would love to take you out to dinner to celebrate! We watched the race on your website.


Tomity is my #1 favorite keirin Rider!!!


I am honored

just beautiful

that is what we call the real deal here. more photos would be welcome!

Hello!! from Tokyo Japan

Thank you for your comment
This pic is indoor Keirin veloderome "Maebashi Green Dome"
For worm up riding in the morning
I will upload pic next time
say ya
Life is Beautiful ! !
......Bike is Peaceful ! !

....----- __o

Awesome as always,

Awesome as always, Tomity.


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