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Colnago Master - Neon         Featured Bike! on 01/3/2012

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57x57, 1990

Italmanubri mod. Europa, Cinelli 1A 90mm

Colnago chrome, Dura Ace

Campagnolo Shamal 12, Vredstein 700x22

Campagnolo Shamal 16, Vredstein 700x22

Campagnol Athena, Campagnolo Record

Cinelli Volare perforated lather, Campagnolo Athena

Campagnolo Athena

Campagnolo Athena Ergopower 2x8

Campagnolo Athena Monoplanar

12-23, 53/39


What bartape is that? It's crazy!

It's a Ciclolinea gradient

It's a Ciclolinea gradient tape. Old stuff but can be found on Ebay pretty often.

Beautiful bike, just

Beautiful bike, just wondering what brake pads you were using? Are they the delta pad imitations? It's tough getting a thick enough pad so that the V of the brake shoe doesn't scratch the deep section...

Original Athena pads, work

Original Athena pads, work like a charm!


I am diggin this bike to the max. How are the Shamal's, I was thinking of getting a set?

The Shamals are great. Even

The Shamals are great. Even the front 12-spoke is sturdy as a rock. So they are solid and very aero - but rather heavy. I can really recommend a pair!


excellent work in the cock-pit, super fun looking bike!

Makes me giddy

jest looking at it! For serious!

Fresh! this bike and my

Fresh! this bike and my Somec could be friends :-) Disco-Style!


Is it a master? Seat tube doesn't look profiled but round and upper tube looks different from gilco profiled tubes. Really nice bike and set up!

I believe it is. It's

I believe it is. It's labeled Master with decals that look orignal to me. And from what I've read about the round seat tube it seems like some early masters made for the american market were built like this with only top and down tube profiled. I really like your's with the c record setup. That was my intetion too but when I stumbled upon this graphite group in such good condition I fell for it..

Great build! Loving that

Great build! Loving that graphite gruppo.

Neon orgy about sums it

Neon orgy about sums it up.

Love the tape.

I believe this is an Athena

I believe this is an Athena Graphite group, not Chorus. These brakes have never been part of a Chorus group nor have these cranks.

Awesome bike still!! Perfect mix of parts and colours.

You're probably right,

You're probably right, thanks for the input. Most campy components of the C record era almost look the same (sometimes are). In this jungle I identified them as Chorus but it really doesn't matter. Those brakes are simply the best, whatever name they have!

Yeah, dating or naming Campy

Yeah, dating or naming Campy parts from that era, it's hard. Component designs switching to other groups in following years or being shared between groups etc.


is hot. chorus graphite group looks awzum

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