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Fiorelli Track (SOLD)

Bike tags: Track bike | 3ttt | Campagnolo Record | Omega V

Fiorelli 56cm


Fiorelli Hatta

Campagnolo low flange Campagnolo Omega V

Campagnolo low flange Campagnolo Omega V

Campagnolo Record Pista Campagnolo

Turbo Campagnolo Chorus


47/16 Gipiemme

Not 100% sure about the make of the frame but, stil super nice to ride and looks good. Going to change the head set to Campy. I wanted to build a bike with 90´s components on this bike and so I did.

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Ahh, Fiorelli

I love Fiorelli's...Yours is very nice!

Another Green/Yellow Fiorelli track

Well mine is repainted, but most definitely a Fiorelli Coppi. Still looks great though. Decals are the same as mine. And I used to have those rims on my Guerciotti, laced up with Flight Fiber spokes. Real questionable, but I always thought they should never have had brake pads touch them.

wonderful the whole thing

wonderful the whole thing wonderful

fiorelli or not...

that is one beautiful bike! great build.

as the new owner of a fiorelli campionissimo myself, i can tell you that it is almost certainly a restoration. i am 95% sure that the decals are a cyclemondo set off ebay--the little "bonus" campy decal near the bb shell is the giveaway. there is one decal on the frames that is not included in that set.

also, the lugs and dropouts used on my campionissimo are different from your frame, maybe yours is a newer version?

anyways, just my thoughts on your speculation, beautiful bike either way, enjoy it!

I agree with you about the

I agree with you about the stickers, most definitely from Cyclemondo. Will put up some pictures of the lugs, maybe someone know more that way. The guy I bought it from is trying to dig out some info on the frame aswell. About the dropouts, they look like Campy to me?

You got a great collection! The Marinoni has been a hot topic on a swedish forum. The question was.... white tires or not.


really? id love to read that, can you link me?
i am riding the marinoni as my everyday bike now, with black tires/saddle/bartape, much more subtle.
the white was really just the "flashy" matching set-up, just for show. i always felt a little stupid whenever I would ride it around like that haha.

Check it out!

Here's the link

haha amazing

so funny to see people discuss your bike halfway around the world.
perhaps I should post some photos of it in full "classic" mode...just to silence the critics.
thanks for the link!

nice find, nice build.

this is probably my favorite of your collection.

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