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Cervelo T1... beautifully simple, stunningly fast.

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Cervelo T1/58cm/2010


Cervelo Carbon

Mavic Ellipse/ Michelin Pro Race 3

Mavic Ellipse/ Michelin Pro Race 3

Omnium 170mm/ GXP

BBB CR-MO/Cervelo Carbon


48/15 is ratio in picture.

Bike weighs 17lbs and will only see the Track. Haven't decided on Handle bar tape colour yet.... the clear choices are red, white, and black. I'm skimping on handle bars and stem until I'm set on my position and then I'll jack up the stiffness.

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black tape all day. --2d.

black tape all day.

Having one of these also,

Having one of these also, you know I totally gotta say, great bike!

You could probably pull that rear end abit tighter. and I would set it up with track drops, not shallow road drops.

Yea, that back end does need

Yea, that back end does need to tighten up, I was leaving some chain for my 49T chainring but I think I can still take one more link out. I'm on the hunt for some track drops, until then the local shop let me have these cheap cheap.

i wouldn't worry too much

i wouldn't worry too much about getting track drops. many track racers ride road drops, and i personally find them more comfortable for track use. get whatever fits best. oftentimes this means no track drops.

just keep that in mind... if track drops work for you, then great. they're certainly not a necessity

Riding road drops on a track

Riding road drops on a track bike, I just find that when sprinting, my wrists and forearms hit the tops of the bars due to the sharp bend. Where track drops have a wide bend so this does not happen. Track bars are often 10x stiffer than most road bars. You have such a stiff frame, so it seems silly to be loosing a lot of that in a critical area where stiffness is needed.


My deda zero100 bars are plenty stiff for my 215lb build and I never hit my forearms during a sprint. And +1 to most track racers riding road drops, unless it's a match sprint.

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