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Kos Bruiser         Featured Bike! on 08/24/2010

Bike tags: Single speed | Mountain bike | Commuter | BEER | Beersisiss | more tags >>
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Chrome & Blue annodized

Chrome & Chrome

Ukai rim & 70s Shimano

Ukai rim & Drum brake


Ideal (french Brooks)


Sugino easy

This bike is a combination of allsorts of weird shit I found over the years. I really wanted a 26" cruiser, but couldn't find one, so I made my own up. It kinda looks like a Basset racing bmx. Super fun to ride. Really comfy. Safe after way too many beers.

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that seat hurts just looking at it...(rubs nuts)


the disenbodied crys of the mudd hogs will echo through your past until the day your worthless life ends

I'd really like to hear more...

about the drum brake - thats a sick concept. That's one mean looking cruiser. looks bulletproof. nice build!


this thing is actually really rad! i wanna see the new fix version!flannel shirts and fire breaks dude


That thing is really cool

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