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1996 Crescent Trekking

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Crescent / 58 cm / 1996

Some generic straight ones / Kalloy / PRO Anatomic bar-ends

Crescent / Shimano Deore XT II - M730

Shimano Altus hub / Araya rim / Summer: Nokian Rollspeed TS. Winter: Schwalbe Marathon Winter (240 studs)

Same as front

Shimano Deore XT - M730

Specialized Phenom SL 143 / Shimano Deore XT - M730

Shimano PD-M324 - one side SPD, other side flat / Shimano HG90 chain

Shimano Deore XT II - M730

Suntour XC Pro w. Aztec pads / Shimano Deore XT II - ST-M092

Shimano HG70 cassette 13-30 / Shimano SG rings 46-36-24

In my legs

This is the bike that takes me to work and home again every day. Commuting distances have varied throughout the years, it's currently 20 km one way. I bought it new in 1996 and it will hit 80000 km (~50000 miles) sometime just before Christmas this year.

It came with a full Shimano Acera X group, except for the Altus hubs.
After a dozen Swedish winters had taken their toll, the components were well and truly shot, so last spring I had to change them all out. I took a dive into my box of retro stuff and ended up with mostly Deore XT II from the early 90´s.

The wheels will probably survive another winter. The hubs have stood up surprisingly well, but the rim walls are getting thin from braking, so next year will see some new hoops.

Front lights are MagicShines, rear is a Dinotte 140R on the the saddle rails. I also have some cheap solar-powered eBay lights as emergency lights on the left fork leg and on the rear fender.
The mudflaps are a recent eBay find. They are NOS from the 70's. The front one does help a lot keeping spray away from the bottom bracket and my feet. The rear one is there only for style points and possibly the guy behind me in the rain appreciates it a bit ;-)

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Nice collection and dang, lots of miles!

I must say you have lots of Deore XT II components. Is this one group swapped over three bikes or do you have three bikes-worth of Deore XT components? (I ask 'cause I just changed my drivetrain, in part to match my HP-M735, hah) Amazing collection of bikes you have there. Ha det bra! (norwegian, but it works, right?)

I had a large stash of M735

Hej! Norska fungerar utmärkt :-)

It is several sets of M735. About ten years ago I bought a couple of complete groups and some odd parts from a bike shop that had closed down. They were found in a box in the back room.

Alas, I have used up or sold most of it, I only have a couple of front derailleurs and a set of cantilever brakes left. So, sadly no headset parts :-(

Post Script: Dust Seals?

You don't have any spare dust-seals hanging around in your part-box for the HP-M735 do you? :-)

That's some dashboard you

That's some dashboard you have here.

what do you think of the

what do you think of the magicshines? i'm thinking of picking up one of the new three-headed ones.


I'm very happy with them. Tons of light for a price that can't be beat.
I've had them on the bike since last summer. Through rain, sleet and snow in temperatures down to -30 C (-22 F).
Not a single problem. They just keep going.

Light Question

How did you attach the tube (?) to the saddle's rails? I've been experimenting with different positions for my Dinotte, and yours looks like a good solution.

Some zip ties and anti-slip tape...

It's just a plastic pipe that I drilled a couple of holes in.
I put anti-slip tape on it to keep the light from changing it's angle and then zip-tied it onto the rails.

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