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Sachs Redux

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Richard Sachs 54 1980s

Cinelli Giro d'Italia/Cinelli 1A/ Cinelli cork bartape

Sachs flat crown steel fork, Campagnolo Record headset

Campagnolo Chorus/Mavic Open Pro Silver 32h/Continental Gatorskin

Campagnolo Chorus/Mavic Open Pro Silver 32h/Continental Gatorskin

Campagnolo Record 172.5 mm cranks, Chorus cartridge BB, English thread.

Campagnolo Super Record seatpost, Brooks Swift saddle

Campagnolo Chorus/Campagnolo Veloce chain

Campagnolo Chorus 10spd Carbon/Campagnolo Chorus

Campagnolo Chorus/Campagnolo Chorus Carbon

Campagnolo Veloce 10sp 12-25/ 53/39


Finally completed after sending for repaint a year ago. Paint had bubbling at the head tube, top tube, and cable guides when I acquired it October 1009. I rode it several times & knew I had to restore it to its full beauty with modern components. Though the only new parts include the saddle, bar tape, cables, chain, cassette, rims, spokes & tires. Rest came from my used parts bin. It's a pleasure to get reacquainted with my newest ride.

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Amazing Stable .

Wow Stelvio, every one of your bikes is amazing and a treat to look at (and ponder). Your passion is visible and this Richard Sachs is inspiring. What a perfect reworking of this classic! Thank you for sharing P.S. I'd love to see a close-up shot of the seat cluster! :-)


This is an absolutely beautiful build Claro! You did an excellent job with restoring this frame to its previous glory. Having a high-end Richard Sachs is one thing, but this is truly a piece of artwork, mixed with the newer components gives it a fresh new appeal. Like your other steel classics, you definitely created a handsome addition to your collection of vintage racers.

For the frames that I've purchased and restored, some of them look like they were excavated from the city dump, so I totally understand your analogy (as its sad to see them so disposed, but its nice to know they've been resurrected by a caring owner). Like they say, one person's garbage is another person's treasure, and you've polished this treasure into quite a gem.


So you are saying you literally found a Richard Sachs in a dumpster? Stretching an eBay purchase to "rescued" in the title is pushing it. But I'm really having a hard time imagining someone tossing a Richard Sachs in the dumpster. What's the story? You have plenty of space in the notes section. Nice bike, either way, though your velospace titles leave one tempted to groan, perhaps a bit like that later Cinelli SC getting the pre-Columbus sale decals and paint. Least you're upfront about that one.

Mea culpa

Sorry for the misleading title. You're all very knowledgeable bike enthusiasts and I apologize for the "deception". I just felt like the bike came from a dumpster when it arrived: grime & grease of neglect, the bike had a mix of decent & not so good parts, a coating of what looked like bird droppings here & there, and a carbon fork! But the frame itself was straight, a few minor rust spots, the LBS found no alignment issues, and my painter found no other problems, and it came with the original steel fork. We were able to get decals & I kept the original paint scheme. So there, my friends, is the whole story. Maybe I should add an asterisk to the title.

Heh...or CHANGE the title

Well, that surely makes more sense and glad you got that beaut back on the right track. Carbon fork? Lord.

Since a Richard Sachs is a pretty rare entity all things speaking, why not have the name in the title so more could find it?

I agree. Title changed as

I agree. Title changed as suggested.

Okay, so that's three separate posters

...challenging the dumpster story. I think we need details.


I knew that beast wasn't languishing in some moribund dumpster.

you found this in a dumpster?

talk about good luck!

Posted By: Joshua A. C. Newman: "I think it had some sort of duck rabies or something. That duck wasn't right."

For real, out of a dumpster?

It's hard to imagine any owner knowledgeable enough to buy a Sachs tossing it in a dumpster, in any condition. You did a theft-check with the local constables after you salvaged it, right?

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