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Look AL P 464

Bike tags: Fixed gear | 464 | fixed | look | Track
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Look AL P 464, size S, 2010

Syntace Stratos + Cinelli Pista

Look + FSA

Mack Superlight + DT Revolution + Mavic CXP33 + Vittoria Diamante Pro

Mack Superlight + DT Revolution + Mavic CXP33 + Vittoria Diamante Pro

Miche Pista Advanced + Miche Primato Evo Light

Selle Italia SLR XC Gel Flow + Thomson Elite

Time Alium + Miche Pista


47/16 = 2,94

Very stiff and responsive. Accelerating and sprints are pure pleasure with this bike.

This is a street setup. I'm planning an alternative TT setup with different wheelset, higher ratio, road pedals and aero clip-ons. But it's rather long-term cause I'm broke after completing this build.

If you want to complain about the brake, give up before you even start cause I'm not gonna argue. Safety first. Go hate on someone else.

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front brake

Is that front brake short reach or long reach?

frame size

How tall are you? I'm thinking of getting this frame and can't decide between Small and Medium size.


I'm 173 cm tall but I have rather short legs. My perfect frame size without sloping is about 52 cm.

I think that you should go for the smaller size. If it turns out to be a little too small, you can always get longer stem and seatpost. But if you buy a frame that is too big, there's nothing you can do with it.

Im looking to purchase this

Im looking to purchase this frame pretty soon, did you have to drill the fork out for the front brake?


No, it comes in two versions: track and urban/fixie. The only difference between the two is the drilled fork. Oh, and the frame is also prepared for the rear brake but you have to drill it a bit.

So you just have to order the fixie version and you're ready to go.


Wow! Realy nice bike, I wouldn't suspect that someone in Warsaw want to buy that kind of expensive frameset to build a street bike. Well done.
I can see beautiful mack sl's so you're probably counting grams as I do, so what is the total weight of this bike?
You've mentioned about some TT setup, will it be for a track, some events on the road, or just for fun and being faster?
It's also rare, that you've used DT revo spokes, are wheels stiff enough?, and if yes what is your weight if you won't mind telling me.



Thanks for your comment.

1. The frameset isn't that expensive comparing to other frames of that quality. Vigorelli isn't much cheaper, Mash and Colnago Pista cost way more.
2. To be honest, I don't want to call it a street bike. Of course, I ride it on street but it's not a commuter, I don't plan to use it even for alleycats.
3. I didn't weigh the whole bike but the wheels weigh 770 and 830 g. I was trying to find a balance between weight and stiffness so it could be lighter if that was the only objective.
4. The TT setup is going to be for 30-40 km rides out of town. But I'd love to take it to Pruszków as well.
5. Not a single problem with the spokes. I weigh only 62 kg so with those wheels I feel no flex at all.


1. I'd rather meant that

1. I'd rather meant that this is aluminum frameset of well-known brand, so it probably costs more than ~95% avarage fixed gears in Poland, which are usually some old steel road frames :) But i'm sure it is worth every penny.
2. I wouldn't use it on the alleycats either, too much to loose :)
3. That's a great weight for clincher fixed wheelset with quite high profile rims.
4. At the moment I own fixie built on steel frameset and it's a street bike for every wether and conditions but i'm planning to make some aluminum track bike(only for track use). When I accomplish it in the next season, i'm gonna be at the track as often as possible. I hope that at least once i'll go to Żyrardów/Pruszków with my few mates, so if you want i can give you some info about it when we'll have some solid date. I think it's more fun, when you compete not only against time but also against other cyclists :)
5. I weight 69kg and i'm thinking about light and stiff track wheelset and if you're saying that your wheels are stiff, then I will consider DT revo. Earlier only DT Competition came to my mind.


I'm not an expert on wheels and spokes so ask someone else for advice. All I know is that those wheels work fine for me.

Wish you luck with your new build. See you in Pruszków some day! :)



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