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Atala Campagnolo Veloce

Bike tags: Road bike
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Campagnolo Khamsin G3/Vittoria Rubino Pro

Campagnolo Khamsin G3 /Vittoria Rubino Pro

Campagnolo Veloce/Campagnolo

Specialized Avatar/Campagnolo




An Old Italian Frame (70's?) With Campagnolo Veloce Groupset

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Is there a serial number on

Is there a serial number on the seat tube? With Atalas, at least on the ones I've seen, the first 2 digits indicate the year of manufacture.

is it stamped or painted?,

is it stamped or painted?, im pretty sure this isn't original colors considering atalas colors are blue and silver

also the lugs show some love they have "atala" in cursive on the fork crown and seat stays. Theres Also Hearts Integrated in the Lugs And Bottom Bracket

The ones I've seen were

The ones I've seen were stamped. Though it's a much older bike than yours, you can see the one on my '58. I think your braze-ons point to a much newer bike (post-70's). As to color, Atalas came in a wide range of color schemes. Hard to say what yours looked like when new.

Thanks for the info! Maybe i

Thanks for the info! Maybe i can post specific pictures of parts of the frame that may designate the year?

I take it then there is no

I take it then there is no serial number near the seat cluster? If not, I doubt I can tell when it was made. What about the frame makes you think it's from the 70's? When I see braze-ons like yours, I'm thinking late 80's regardless of the parts I see on it. I gather the fork crown is stamped Atala. What about the frame itself? The frame and fork aren't from different bikes, are they?

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