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Bridgestone Beauty

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Nitto B123AA Aluminum, Nitto Jaguar NJS AA Alloy Stem

Bridgestone Fork, Hatta NJS headset

Dura Ace Hub, Velocity White Deep V rim, Radial Lacing

Dura Ace Cog/lockring/hub Laced to Velocity White Deep V Rim, 3-cross Lacing

Sugino 75 Cranks and Chainring, Sugino 75 BB

Kashimax Saddle, Nitto Jaguar Post

MKS Custom Nuevo Track Pedal, MKS Cages, Toshi Straps and Buttons, Izumi Super Toghness


This was my first build so let me know what you think. The rider has his name stamped I think it is Takao Shimizu, in the picture you can see shimizu on the other side is where takao is stamped. Let me know if you have any information about the rider.

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i got the same frame

Let me know if you find any info on the rider?


what are the dimensions of that frame?!?

nice ride....

what size nitto nj pro stem is that? 90mm?!?

yes shimizu definitely

yes shimizu definitely family name. My mate in Tokyo is named Ryo Shimizu.

it aint where your from its where your going

tilt the nose of your seat down and it will relieve a lot of pressure this is a helpful tip for when you get-around to lowering you stem.


Sippin on that purple...

Yea i'm up in Tallahassee

Yea i'm up in Tallahassee now. You ever stop by All Saint's Cafe? I'm usually around that area... i've been waiting to see your bike fly by haha.

Clean !

Great color and great symmetry


Love those Bridgestone colours! Nice build too.

Beautiful man. that purple

Beautiful man. that purple is sooooooo nice.
and btw- Love the username. hail seitan hahaha


Seitan is lord.

Damn. I'm moving back to

Damn. Stunning bike. I'm moving back to Tallahassee today or tomorrow, so I can't wait to see this bike. How long have you been in Tally?

My name is Luke. Hope to meet you soon!


I have lived in Tallahassee for 22 years (born and raised).

Awesome! Can't wait to meet

Awesome! Can't wait to meet you :).

Bridgestone sweetness>

Awesome build up....Careful with that saddle though.
I ride Kashimax 5 Golds and they are a lot less harsh on the grundle area.


Yeah I went on a 18mile ride this past weekend and it killed me. The only problem is my seatpost is a 33mm rail so I think I am going to have to try and work my brooks to make it fit.

love the build, that saddle

love the build, that saddle is a prostate crusher though.


THanks, yeah I am looking for some advice as to how to not kill my under-carriage when I ride this damn saddle.


for a "first build", I would swear that you've been doing this for years!!!...great look, great build...eye-candy!


Thanks for the compliments, I love this bike. The saddle is a little rough but I am getting used to it.

Shit Son!

I haven't seen this thing around because I'm pretty sure I'd go blind if I did!

Shimizu is probably the

Shimizu is probably the rider's last name. I've seen people with that last name before (i.e. Daniel Shimizu who rides for Foundation Skateboards), so I would reckon it is not his first name.


Yeah I figured Shimizu was the last name because I too remembered Daniel Shimizu from the Foundation: Art Bars Subtitle and Seagulls video a long time ago.


Damn, man. Not only did you get the frame I wanted, but you built it with the same wheelset that I'm getting for my purple Bridge-inspired KHS (and my paintjob came out a lot darker). Dis ain't my day!

So sorry

Yeah I snagged this frame off of Keirin Culture's Web site as fast as I could.

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