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Epic fail Cinelli Mash チネリマッシュ

Bike tags: Fixed gear | チネリ | マッシュ | Brooks | cinelli | more tags >>
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Cinelli mash 50 (S)

Nitto rb-021 bk / Thomson elite

Hed 3 / Vittoria randonneur

H+son f30 / Gran compe

Sugino RD / Sugino cbb-103

Brooks swift / Thomson elite

MKS gr-9 / Starfuckers clip / Saglife x benny gold straps / HKK njs vertex

Gran compe cog / Dura ace njs lockring


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Looks kinda small and that

Looks kinda small and that towering stack of spacers

EDIT: Nevermind Just saw you got a bigger frame


How did that happen? Did you examine the wheel? I dont want this to happen to me.


I am in pain as I look at the picture.

waw, dude!!! belum juga liat

waw, dude!!! belum juga liat ini kerakit, tahu2 udah begini aja..hahaha

some mash dudes should had sent you email, to congratulate your bike and you.. geez!

rock on mate!

Yoooo you tight!!!! That

Yoooo you tight!!!!
That sucks bro you just got this, are you okay?

Yep2 nothing really

Yep2 nothing really serious.
Fell head first, I remembered my helmet spent around 2seconds swiping the asphalt.

Lesson learnt, ALWAYS WEAR HELMET..!!!

I think the lesson was/is to

I think the lesson was/is to have a brake.
glad you're ok


Word. This is why I always have a brake. Helmets help in accidents, brakes help to avoid accidents.

You're lucky that only the wheel got crushed. Take care!

Wheels and tires

Four tires on two wheels - this is gonna be some serious shit. :)

not even built yet

but its SO beautiful.


maju terus pantang mundur, rakit gar!

No offense

But you might wanna reconsider your locking setup. Dope setup though.


Post pictures when its all set and Ready!
Looks like it's gonna be a FUN ride!


this is what happens when you have a trust fund and you then realize you want to buy a track bike and everything else in one day


Better cranks and different saddle..

yeah.. I want to get a black

yeah.. I want to get a black s75, but my LBS run out of stock.
WIll upgrade asap

YEAH BUDDY! looks like a fun

YEAH BUDDY! looks like a fun ride, check my cinelli out.

sweet pic

sweet pic

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