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Down In the Shop

Bike tags: Fixed gear | Bike Shop | Work Shop
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My Man Cave

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Was thinking about posting pics of my 'shop'

But now I won't!

Lets see it

I don't want to be alone in my favorite room in the house.Post your shop picks and maybe I'll start a cluster.I was the first only to offer encouragement to other velospace tinkerers.

Basements usually creep me out

But NOT this one.

I am absolutely in

I am absolutely in awe....

that looks like what I imagine heaven looking like... beautiful collection, and wonderful space!

Very Nice

I wish I had a spot to display mine like yours.

Like the old Winning Posters.


Poster Art

Unfortunately I've got more posters than wall footage in which to enjoy them.One day I'll probably have to downsize considerably.I spend alot of time in the shop and it's good to be surrounded by friends.

I can't believe we never

I can't believe we never bumped into each other. I lived in Wyomissing for many years and ride big bikes too. Did you ever run into the fellow whose dad had the bike shop out in Exeter? He had a big Colnago and Gios. Love your cave and your bikes!

Winterhalter's Bike Shop

Yes Dave still has that beautiful Gios.I remember the day he pulled it out of it's fitted foam box.The Colnago you remember is actually a Witcomb track bike Tom Kellog repaired and repainted after Dave crashed out up in T-Town.He had some Colnago decals in the shop and slapped one on.

One of the top entries in Velospace

I personally count this as one of the top entries in Velospace and Greg finds no issue as he's already added a comment below. This has more appeal then 98% of the bike shops out there and would surely be an amazing place to bring your favorite vintage beast to tweak, tune, twirl, and gawk. Well-done. Love the displays and artwork.

- kh

Work Stand?

But where's your work Stand? Can't imagine you not having a proper work stand. What do you use?

Work Stand

K,The workstand is attached to the floor jack supporting the steel beam upon which supports my whole first floor.I also have several collapsables hiding in the corners. It's seen right above the TV..J

All I can say is...

I am absolutely speechless!

so cool..

so cool..


what a wonderful place. I bet you could stay there for hours just pottering and before you know it another day has passed... BLISS!

Great collection!

Surely it's not always that clean!

can i be you?

can I just have your life?

Rules are Rules

I figured if a member can post photos of a tooth brush, having a few shop photos on topic with this site's stated goals aren't bending the rules too badly. As long as we keep our work areas clean and don't forget to floss,nobody should have any problems.

I find

that this post contributes more to velospace than many other bike posts I've seen. Matter of opinion of course, but I'd like to see more like this. Of course, this garage is hard to trump!



I hope this is me in 20

I hope this is me in 20 years. I just got the go ahead from my fiancee as long as the basement stays this clean. Please, teach us your strategy!

When can we come over to

When can we come over to hang out and talk shop?

Man Cave

We should all aspire to having a place to wrench like this !!!

nice cave!

be prepared to get electronically pistol whipped though by the self-appointed policemen of velospace who will undoubtedly frown upon the fact that you have not posted a personalized pic and details of a stand-alone, completely built bicycle.

what are you talking about?

have you not seen the 16 other ridiculously nice bikes this guy has posted in just the past couple of weeks?

Rules are rules...



not complaining. this may not be a build post, but atleast its not a frame with a bunch of parts laying around it with a lame ass excuse in the notes section about how he can't finish it . This guy has a great setup going here and an awesome sable of bikes. I'm glad he posted this.

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