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unknown frame, any ideas???

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english threaded

no name


stronglight, english threaded bb


6*2 gears

This is a Reynolds 501 frame i picked up on eBay recently from a guy in Leeds, UK. Im building it up as a bike for my girlfriend at the mo. Problem is, it's been resprayed and I've no idea who the manufacturer is. I was hoping some of you clever experts here on Velospace could help me out.

Heres what i do know: It's lugged 501 steel, had 27 inch wheels (I've heard that this is a British thing to do??) and has an unusual shaped seat-lug. Ive included photos of all the lugs in case someone out here can identify it. I've also read that Raleigh (mass bike manufacturer here in the UK so my first suspect) uses different drop outs and bottom brackets than these. bb is English threaded i believe (My local bike shop replaced it with a Shimano sealed job). cant make out the frame number, but has two lines, with the first starting 1,2,9, and the second L, S or 5, 1, *,*, 8 or 3, *, *, (* where i cant make the digit out anymore).

I know its not the most important thing to know, but it would be nice after cleaning it up to if its a good manufacturer or not. If anyone out here recognises anything i would love to hear about it.

*** update ***

Just had a look on here after forgetting about it for years, For anyone who's still curious, I contacted the previous owner of the bike who was pretty sure it was an 'Emmelle' a not particularly good brand of mass produced bikes, nevermind, it still looks nice. I've included a few more photos, I built it up with downtube shifters and eventually brifters, and a load of parts from my spares box and the local bike shop. I especially like the forks. But as it's a little large for my girlfriend, we've now gone and bought a brand new Bianchi (half the weight, but much less classy if you ask me) and this is sitting in the shed gathering dust. Typical eh?

AARG, VS just deleted all the old photo's, oh well here's a few random shots of the bike

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Those lugs are cool as hell,

Those lugs are cool as hell, nice frame


for sure

Trek lugs

I too was going to suggest that perhaps it's a Trek frame. Mostly because of the lugs. Problem is, that a lot of other manufacturers used the same lugs as Trek used (like the bb cluster), especially in the UK. But, if its a Reynolds 501 tubing frame, theres a pretty good chance that it's a Trek as that tubing was very popular on their frames in the mid 80's and not many other manufacturers that used lugs like those. The frame definately was built around 1984.

Nikko short point seamless lugs?

These look, the best I can tell, like the lugs on my 1984 Trek 500, which is 501, as were a number of mid-price Treks in '83-'85. The lugs are Nikko short point. But it has pantographed seat stays, still lug identity might be some help. It has 27 inch wheels, which was common at that time in the US, too. Most, if not all, Japanese import bikes were 27".

Have you built it up?

i don't know what the make

i don't know what the make is...but the paint job is gorgeous from what i can tell!!

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