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Cervelo T1

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Cervelo T1 / 58cm / 2010

Nitto bullhorn / Thomson Elite 100mm

Cervelo T1 / FSA Integrated

Corima 3-Spoke / Corima / Schwalbe Stelvio

Edge 65 / Dura-Ace 7600 / Conti Super Sport

Dura-Ace 7710

Fizik Arione / Cervelo Aero Carbon

MKS RX1 / Miche


Elite stem

First of all I have to say that your bike is brilliant.
I would like to know what angle the stem has? Is it 5° or 15°?
It also seems to be mounted upside down ?!

Thanks in advance.

tough looking bike.

ATB This a really cool looking bike.Why do people care if he works at a bike shop,used what ever was a deal.The man built a bike he wanted and is really awesome.Dont read into the build to decide if a bike is cool,just admire it for what it is and have fun.

Sweet bike man love those

Sweet bike man love those frames>

i spy

cdale yee


that's my bike. here:


would you spend so much money on a bike of that caliber.. to ride on the street. if you want to spend money on something stupid, spend money on me to get a cherry tattooed on my ass cheek


You're just jealous. When I see a Ferrari go past, I just admire it, I don't curse the driver because he makes more money than me...


to ride that bike on the street would be like owning a lifted truck that is sparkeling clean that has never seen a speck of mud; you're a poseur that doesn't use the vehicle for the proper application but rather for looks.


triathletes spend that much money to ride on the street DUDE! if the guy enjoys riding fixed and wants a high end bike. WHO CARES.

oh just cause its made for the track haha. road bikes, tri bikes, AND TRACK bikes are made out of the same material, track frames are no weaker. alot of road and tri bikes have carbon steerers and such as well. this frame can handle the street all day, im sure this guy isnt out trashing this thing with whip skids and such. i wish people would use their brain sometimes.

cause it's just awesome to

cause it's just awesome to ride :)


^that's definitely not a Thomson Elite seatpost DUDE! It's your bike, shouldn't you know?

thats the new 2011 thomson

thats the new 2011 thomson elite seatpost. stay tuned ;)

Shooting Stars *********

This Bike is MURDAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

holy wow.

that is all.

Posted By: Joshua A. C. Newman: "I think it had some sort of duck rabies or something. That duck wasn't right."


this thing is a beast! enough said

This is some hot shit. I'm

This is some hot shit. I'm really jealous of the EDGE rear wheel. Is that a Clincher?

Are you only riding this thing on the streets or also track?

haha my thoughts exactly !

haha my thoughts exactly ! very envious of that rear wheel ! looks like a tubular? track or street use ?

The rear tire is a clincher,

The rear tire is a clincher, so it's a clincher rim. It's a really thick, heavy tire, so that tells me this person is probably riding this on the street and into skids. Whip skiddin' some EDGE wheels. Whow.

I'm guessing, but judging by the lack of vision and miss-matched consistency in this build, I bet this person works at a shop.


A lot of assumptions being made here. You know what happens when you do that... You sound like an idiot.

Shut it. The rear wheel is

Shut it.

The rear wheel is CLEARLY a clincher, because the Super Sport tire is only made in clincher. Look up the tire, and you'll see it's a really thick, heavy tire. None of this was assumption.

Why someone would ride such light wheels… then weight they down with heavy tires, shows they must ride brakeless on the street and probably have to skid from time-to-time.

Finally… this bike looks to be pieced together of whatever this person could get a good deal on around a shop. Being that it's parked in front of a shop window… I think it's safe to say the person probably works at a shop.

Now, don't call me an idiot. Jerk face.

Calm down. I'm not working

Calm down. I'm not working at a shop. Yes, the rear tire is some heavy duty shit cause i have to skid from time to time. And i ride that thing mostly for longer tours. Makes no sense? Yeah but just feels awesome even on a 100km+ tour.

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