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MOMOIRO track pro

Bike tags: Fixed gear | Single speed | Track bike | MOMOIRO track pro fuji
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Fuji bike track pro 2009 repainted

white track handlebar /deda white stem

fuji bike carbon fork

Araya carbon

FSA TT carbon (MOMOIRO bike works original repaint)

Time MG pedal (98)

hah thats awesome

hah thats awesome

i love sailor momo

i love sailor momo


This bike is just tooo NICE!!
it's Murdah!


Although I question the taste level a bit, the execution is excellent. The track shot is priceless. Taking suckas out and they don't know how you did it.


Now that i've had time to marinate. I love this.

My name is Jayohachen, and I approve this bike!


Unique, but are you for real?


As feminine as the theme may seem, the execution is super. Everything goes well together and looks appealing. That custom paintjob looks delicious!

holy god , I love this !

holy god , I love this !


****ing awesome.


is the dude on the right Lafayette?



would love to see this on

would love to see this on the track

Same here.

Same here.

you win! most homo looking

you win! most homo looking bike ever. are you the pitcher or the receiver?

Obviously he's into girls if

Obviously he's into girls if he makes these bikes dedicated to female eroge characters. You're just too weak to be able to wear pink because you deem it feminine. You're the progenitor of gender stereotypes based on your own sexual inadequacies and insecurities. You wouldn't wear anything pink because you wouldn't want anyone to even think that you're gay, but by acting so macho you reek of insecurity and that makes you hella weak. Also, you don't even have a bike uploaded. Let's see your shit before you talk it.

This is my favorite bike on Velospace.


LushLife v. Pirate D

Pirate D wins.

Lushlife, stop trolling and appreciate this awesome bike!
I wish I could be able to do the same thing, but then I would probably have the disc with Astro Boy or KidRobot on it and would have it blue instead. This FTP Sure beats the hell out of most of them if you were to talk about which one was the most unique!

don't you mean quarterback

don't you mean quarterback or receiver? homo.

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