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Brian Rourke TT funny bike project         Featured Bike! on 08/24/2011

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Brian Rourke Lo pro /.... / Late eighties - early nineties

Custom bullhorns / Nitto Technomic

Brian Rourke / Campagnolo

Campagnolo hub / Araya Aero rim / 24"

HED disc 700c

.... / Miche

Flite carbon / .....

.... / Wipperman

Campagnolo Delta / ....

New project. Lots of neat stuff coming up for this one. Only about half a dozen built is what Rourke told me...

If anyone has more info on these frames, I'd be very glad to hear!


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i have that same exact seat.. just not carbon.. tradesies??


Oh yeah!!!!

so is the fork just resting

so is the fork just resting on the wheel. that looks trippy.

Op zijn Dutch.....


ik vind het wel wat hebben om hier gewoon lekker op de Nederlandse tour te gaan, ja toch?
Moet kunnen, vertaalprogramma's genoeg voor nieuwsgierigen en andere belangstellenden.
Hey, prachtige fiets joh, misschien een heel klein beetje jammer van het tandwielkransje. Maar goed, ik snap het denk ik. Je zit natuurlijk met 130mm enz.
Maar volgens mij had dit wat jou betreft best 120mm mogen wezen i.c.m. horizontale patten natuurlijk.
Maar ik wil complimenteus eindigen, ik moet gewoon niet te veel gaan zeiken vind ik zelf ook.
Daarvoor is overigens de fiets beslist ook te geslaagd.
Hij heeft de cleane looks zoals we dat bij piste fietsen toch graag zien!
En bovendien lo pro / pursuit dus dan kan er bij mij al helemaal niets meer fout want dit is ook mijn passie.
Zelf geen ervaring met kleiner voorwiel dan 650c. Hoe rijdt dit nou?
Keep up the lo pro gedachte!!!!!!
Greetz, HOTPRO

Any progress?

Any progress?

Hey Veggie, Not much

Hey Veggie,

Not much progress except collecting some parts. I've been in Portugal for the last 3 weeks. Will be back in a couple days and will start building soon.
Aqquired a nice Record aero seatpost, C-record brake levers with plugs, and C-record pedals.
I wish the disc wheel was a Campy item too... But okay, you can't have everything.
As soon as some stuff changes I will update on here.
Thanks for your interest!



Geoff Burgess of has a Ghibli disc. Might be worth looking.

Kindest regards


Portugal sounds nice!

Portugal sounds nice!


could you post some more pictures of the tubing..and if your building this thing from scratch I would suggest looking on ebay for 24" wolber front quality and you'll easily be able to find a matching rear one...just saying

You wanna see close-ups of

You wanna see close-ups of the tubing..?

Regarding the front wheel.. I have one of those 24" Wolbers. It's an aero rim though, and it doesn't really have a brake surface.
I'm getting a very nice aero Araya very soon, and that one seems to be a bit higher, so hopefully it has more brake surface.
I also have another 24" Araya which has a brake surface, but it's a clincher. And finding a nice 24" tire for those is DIFFICULT!

In the rear it's gonna get a new old stock HED carbon wheel from the early nineties. I also have a 24 spoke Mavic wheel for the rear with a nice aero rim, but I think this bike will look rad with a disc in the rear and a spoke wheel up front.
Also scored some Campy Delta brakes today. Super cheap!

Thinking about having the frame and forks painted white. I also have new decals for it.



If you plan on painting it

If you plan on painting it white, i have a white zipp 1150 disc around im not using, early 90ies which will go nicely. (am located in the netherlands)

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