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Pinerello Vuelta

Bike tags: Road bike
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Pinerello Vuelta. 55cm

Pinerello, Mavic



Mavic,Mavic Starfish

Selle Squadra, Campagnolo Aero

Mavic Zap



I just bought this beauty from Geoff Burgess of Matuzmaster fame in Hungary. Its a fully equipped Pinerello Vuelta road bike. Equipped with the full Mavic set including the Zap gearing which I might add works flawlessly. Beautiful workmanship.

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Wow, it's a bike with Zap

I haven't seen this gear for ages.

It's coming back to me now; I used to identify the Zap bikes in the pro peleton by the godawful headset... it's as if Mavic blew all their dough on the derailleur and kept plugging away with early 80s tech on the rest of the gruppo.

That crankset, headset, and OMFG, those cheap-looking levers totally don't look like they belong on a pro bike from around 1990. And the FD looks like a 70s model.

But that RD has enough cool to carry the whole bike : D


Thanks for your input. The bike is a pro bike but only has less than 100 kms on the clock. The gruppo is Mavic and I happen to like the looks of the group as it differed a lot from the run of the mill Campagnolo and Dura Ace of the time.Like all things beauty is in the eye of the beholder. For me this is an elegant and unusual machine and very collectable. There not many machines around from this period and in this condition and equipped with a fully functioning Zap gruppo.

Happy Cycling

Kindest regards


For sure

Definitely worth looking after this one, whether you think the gear's sexy or not... one day it'll belong in a museum.

I hung a lot of crap on the Mavic group, but I do like those brake calipers. IMO a dual-pivot is mandatory for the front, but I always ran a single-pivot on the rear... I'd definitely use one of these, it'd be pretty cool.

Incidentally, Campy vindicated my stance on SP rears only recently by starting to offer it as an option. I'm surprised Shimano and SRAM haven't followed suit...

Single pivot

I have never had a problem with Single pivot calipers on the front. But you may be correct. I will definately be keeping the miles down on this particular machine. At present I have it on the indoor turbo. Never a gear miss. I have had it on the road as well and even in the wet to test the so called weak side of the Zapp changer but never had a missed gear change. Must be a good example of the gearing as I have heard that some folk have had problems. I also have a Mektronic but the rear gear to my mind is to bulky though the brake levers are really comfy.
I have just put together a Dogma Pinerello with some really neat wheels. Blue deep section rims, red nipples, white aero spokes and red Novotec hubs. Looks stunning. Shall post photos shortly. And to celebrate my 59th year on the Planet I have just put together a 1954 Mercian road/path bike with all 1954 nos equipment. Photos will be posted shortly as well.
Thanks for your comments.

Kindest regards

That rear derailleur is so

That rear derailleur is so awesome. A splendid bike!


Just aquired a Mektronic Mavic set up. I much prefer the Zapp. Its smaller and feels better.

Rear Mavic

Yes that gear works flawlessly. I have not had a problem with it even in the wet as some have said.
Boardman used the zapp and Mektronic to good effect as well. Has to be good then.

very nice buy, had some

very nice buy, had some forks from geoff a few months back, very good trader and matuzmaster website is pure pornography and poses a great risk to my bank balance

Yes same here.If he hasnt

Yes same here.If he hasnt got it,he sources it. Nice bloke as well. I have bought a great deal from him including the Cinquanta bars, brakes and seat pin. Pure magic.

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