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Rev X

Rev X

Dura Ace All The Way.....


Dura Ace

Dura Ace

just pedal.........

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Clean bike

Do you like the dual rev-x's im consider getting them. Pros/cons


pros=very light, and fast..
cons=wheels are old considering the last ones manufactured was probably around the 90s..alot of people also say they explode ...i kinda laughed when i heard this ..but i have seen videos of them disengrating at the point of crash impact...i say just ride at your own risk ...

I love the way double Rev-Xs

I love the way double Rev-Xs look. Sick bike.


what's the story? how did you like the head shock?


i decided to give it away to a close friend of mine...since i got a new bike...i'll post up the pics as soon as its built..... and as for the headshock... i think it was great specially cause the roads around here aren't that smooth... but the whole mechanism was just too heavy for me..thats why i decided to upgrade...

On a bike like that why

On a bike like that why didnt you go with clipless pedals Speedplays perhaps

clipless pedals

i have clipless pedals..but i ride in nyc alot and im always gettin off my bike to walk around,,and i prefer to walk with my sneaks rather than the cycling i have yet to find a nice pair of shoes that suits my preference in style....

Yea now that you mention it

Yea now that you mention it all that stuff makes total sence to me


"Ride it till the wheels fall off" (oO) Mash it up...

^^ Couldn't have said it better myself!!


Who drew the Bike??? That is really rad!

the guy that drew up the

the guy that drew up the bike goes by the name "UGALDENYC" u can google his works. he's got some other sick stuff drawn up...


I just love Cannondales. I have a Black Lightning. I shall post some pics shortly. I have to put a new bottom bracket on. An Isis and an Ultefra Chainwheel.
You have a lovely bike. It shows you care and lok after it.
If you see a reasonable Cannondale track bike going relatively cheaply please let me know.



Black Lightning

Its one that has the elongated rear fork ends.


fond of that


holy shit

this bike is fucking amazing


I just shot beer out of my nose
onto my keyboard!
Outstanding HPTU!
Human Powered Transport Unit
Made the 10s List

top 10s list...thats wsup...

thanks man...glad to be on ur 10s list...only if u seen how this bike looked before i fixed it up....its still under construction....i aint stoppin until its got a full dura ace component on it...

It'll happen for ya...

You deserve a gift from the bike spirit ;>)

beautiful ride!

beautiful ride!

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