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D.A.M.P. Earbeard Custom

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D.A.M.P. Earbeard Custom 58cm 2010

Nitto Bullhorns

D.A.M.P. Fork, Fsa Impact Intergrated Headset

650c Hed 3, Rubino Pro tire.

Black B43 36h to Velocity Hub, Randonnuer tire

Miche Primato Advance Crankset, Miche Primato BB

Selle San Marco Rolls Black Suede

Mks Pedals

48 tooth chainring to 15 tooth cog, 86 gear inches

Custom Built by D.a.m.p. and fitted in melbourne.

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you might want to switch out from a half-link chain to a normal 1/8th. half link chains have a nasty habit of stretching


i angle my bars the same way. it feels really comfortable and i like the way it looks. good build man


Perfect pup action shot.

Bar position? There is no

Bar position? There is no way having your bars in that position is useful or comfortable. The human wrist does not bend that much. Unless you're climbing hills that have a 45 degree incline.


your wrist might not bend much, but thats most likely from to much masterbation.


i like it it stays,
also the fish eye lens throws the angles out of whack.

It would be "too much

It would be "too much masturbation"

Learn to type and spell correctly if you're going to try to make an insult, otherwise, it loses all creditability.



You say this was custom

You say this was custom BUILT and FITTED, but nobody in the right mind would properly FIT a bike like this, where the seat angle is pointed down towards the front wheel, and the bars are like that.

and anyway, why are you

and anyway, why are you still on my case about this.
you don't have to ride it, or look at it for that matter, but for some reason you keep coming back to this page.

well, it was BUILT, and it

well, it was BUILT, and it was FITTED, sorry buddy.



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