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Jeunet Franche Comte City Bike

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1970s Juenet Franche Compte 58cm

45cm Nitto Grand Randonnuer

Stock French threaded

Suzue 32h to Araya polished double wall rims with Panaracer Pasela tires 700x32

14-28 Suntour Winner Pro freewheel, Suzue 32h to Araya polished double wall rims with Panaracer Pasela tires 700x32

Shimano 600 crank with 47t dura ace track ring. Velo Orange seeled French BB

Vintage Brooks B17

Suntour XC pro, Sram 8 speed chain

Suntour 4000

Shimano 600 with anno removed

6 speed, 14-28 x 47

Also pictured, Berthoud 50mm fenders, velo orange rear rack, Jim Blackburn front rack, with medium sized Wald basket.

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Hello there, did your franche comte originally come with 27" wheels?

I'm curious because I have a similar bike in white and considering making the switch from 27" to 700c. Just wondering if I would run into any major difficulties. Seems that the Jeunet has a particularly low bb.
I've also got cottered cranks on mine which seems to indicate a lower model in the series.

any info would be much appreciated.

I switched the bike from

I switched the bike from 27in to 700c and initially kept the original mafac brakes. I eventually upgraded the brakes to the big mouth tektros by rivendell after a nasty close call at the fault of the mafacs.

I really like the low bb height. It's perfect for a city bike when you're constantly stopping at stop lights. It's much easier to chill at a stop light with your butt sill on the saddle. Pedal strike in corners has not been a problem.

My bike came with a cottered crank, but that eventually failed and was replaced with the 600 series crank and Velo Orange BB.

Real nice, checking your French Spelling.

Real nice, I will say you must have the same problems spelling French as I is JEUNET not Juenet and definitely COMTE not Compte. If I have it correctly, Comte Franche is a part in Eastern France who had their own way of speaking French and in fact, Comte may mean 'Count.'

EagleRock shows he is the master of stating the obvious as usual.

I haven't gotten a Jeunet yet because I don't have the room, someone had a White one for sale, that's about the only White one I've ever seen.

Lyotard pedals??

You put in a lot of work and investment in that, getting the French bottom bracket.

I like the tire I guess that is hanging from the saddle and lastly, think twice about the handlebar wrap if you ever replace it, everyone has got either leather or shellacked bar tape... a good thing about your bike is see, the bar tape, even if soiled is a way different color than what everyone is using.

oh man, duh.

I can't believe I misspelled Jeunet. Thanks for pointing that out; I've edited the listing.

I'm a huge fan of the old Salsa Goma Tape. It develops a nice patina and is really durable. I've had that stuff for about 2 years of daily riding, and it keeps getting better.

Cool Racks

I like that front rack a lot. Was it original to the bike?
You're seat-tube looks a little odd though, why is that? Is it that the seat itself just far forward?

It looks like a normal seatpost

...but your eye gets thrown by the huge saddle-theft-prevention chain.

A Blackburn front rack wouldn't have been original to a French bike, but it might well have had a front rack that was visually similar to the modern aftermarket rear rack (from Velo Orange). I remember back in the '70s, a lot of French bikes came with fenders and racks.

Saddle chain is gone now,

Saddle chain is gone now, replaced with a theft prevention seat bolt.

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