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Nagasawa black rainbow sparkle

Bike tags: Fixed gear | nagasawa
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Nitto rb021/ 3ttt


deepv/Philwood/specialized armadillo elite

deep v/ philwood/ribmo/philwood cog

miche/ philwood

sella italia/ nitto

gr9/toshi doubles/ izumi v

Sugino75 48/17 phil

new rims coming soon Mack hubs to arrowheads!

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soo sick! everythang

love the saddle!!

love the saddle!!

fuck the haters

ride it like you stole it.

wow people love to talk shit,

this bike is awesome. only issue here is the position of that saddle. but everyone has diff bodies,

nice bike

Sick Bike!

Velospace Haters!


for realz... there is some

for realz... there is some major hate issues going on here.


Man, this is like seeing a ferrari with baby dayton lowrider wheels, a wing hanging off the back, cheap leather interior, with hydrolics.. Just built up with crap parts. Just sayin.. The saddle is cool but would prob fit a vintage Italian track bike much better..

the haters.

yea man. just build it up the way you want and ride it!!
F*** what the others say.


This is terrible even if you built this 3 years ago... Build a proper kierin bike or just get a leader..




This bike is beautiful! Cant wait to see it with the new front wheel!

Epic! would love a ride on this!

46/15 is basically the same

46/15 is basically the same as 49/16, not hard at all, its what I use . Like someone already said, level that saddle out ! If it seems uncomfortable, lower it some and that usually does the trick . That frame is beautiful, will look much better when you build up the new wheel !

Inb4 fix those heinous

Inb4 fix those heinous angles, ditch the crappy front wheel and lower your gear ratio

So tired of saying these things. What's the point..

fixed the seat angle, like

fixed the seat angle, like the handlebar angle never ride in the drops, getting a new front wheel as we speak. the ratio is fine i can handle, don't know about some people^... weak... don't appreciate haters.. AYHSMB

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