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Titanic Triple Tandem         Featured Bike! on 10/22/2009

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Thick Bikes Custom Built Triple Tandem

Super huge cruiser bars with some generic stem

Thick Bikes Custom Built Fork to fit 36" wheel

Coker 36" monster wheel

Coker 36" monster wheel

three sets of Profile Racing cranks each with a specially adapted freewheel so each rider can pedal seperately or not at all

Odyssey Intac posts with these strange Hands-On seats that look like hands grabbing your butt

It took five chains put together to make the three separate chains for this bike, Odyssey Twisted pedals

Fairly low gear for mellow cruising

This thing is over 14 feet long from tip to tail. There are four vee brakes - two on each wheel - with special levers that each pull two cables. Together, the huge 36" wheels and tires weigh 25 pounds. The whole bike weighs around 120 pounds. Titanic Triple concept and drivetrain design by Brett Marshall.

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Art Decco or Mad DaVinci Design !?!

This is just beautiful. Few words and many fantasies: (pedaling the rear with two beautiful women in front (one blond and one brunette in appropriate beach-ware) cruising through familiar streets headed towards the topaz sea...).



Where are the cup holders for your beer and shit ?
This is straight up epic. Legends are born on a bike like that.

So fly. How about some pegs

So fly. How about some pegs on the back??




oh my god that is the craziest thing ive ever seen.. you really dont realize how big the wheels are until you see the pic with all of you on it.. so awesome.. i think those wheels are taller than i am.. that is one of the greatest bikes ive ever seen..


how does that headtube and headset handle the load?

All Good

So far no problems... The headtube is very THICK and reinforced. The headset is one of the strongest around - The FSA PIG which is suitable for DH and BMX/Freestyle thrashing. It has huge lower bearings and a monstrous lower cup.


Holy f'in smizzlack!!!!!!!!!!! That is the shizz! I would so roll that with the crew! The best tandemesque bike ever!

Worthy of the 10s cluster...

Greatest tandem

Wow, those are sick curves! Love the details, and those seats are handy . 36" wheels are rare to me, do they make bikes with them? Great job Brett! (:

Hands on Seats.

I got the seats from Bill at;

Bill is super cool and is sort of a sponcer for the Titanic Triple.
Also Chris at;

Chris built the Titanic triple from scratch, with only the Coker wheels to start from!
He made my ideas real and beautiful. This guy has real talent!

Live Free and Ride Hard!

36" Wheels

As far as I know there is one production bike made that is designed around the Coker 36" wheel. It is called the Monster Cruiser and it is pretty much a novelty bike. The guy who comissioned me to make this bike for him (coincidentally also named Brett) bought one of these Monster Cruisers and we used the wheels, tires and fenders from it.


needs a few more seats, and maybe a minifridge.

I want this. so bad.

I want this. so bad.

Ditto, I'll take one! Or

Ditto, I'll take one! Or else I call front seat

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