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Bianchi Pista Concept

Bike tags: Fixed gear | Track bike | 2007 | aerospoke | Bianchi Pista Concept | more tags >>
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Bianch Pista Concept 55cm 2007

Risers w/ourys and Thomson X4

Stock Carbon Fork with Tange headset


Velocity deep V with Suzue hub with Phil cog

Paul Crankset with Phil bottom bracket

San Marco Rolls with Thomson elite

MKS Rx1 with MKS cages / Izumi chain

Phil 17t cog and Paul 48t

This bike is a good time.

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what did you end up doing

what did you end up doing about the seatpost clamp being cracked? i have the similar problem and have tried something not so conventional.... get back at me.

What was your not so

What was your not so conventional method? I am in the same boat with a slightly cracked clamp.


the best looking bike on hear, hands down

this bike is my inspiration for my concept(minus the paul royal flush cranks)

Most def.

one of my favorites on here.

paul crank

yo how do you like 'em? I thought they were pretty nice. Check out my gold ones

Paul cranks

My paul cranks have been great so far but my frame is cracked so I guess im gonna be putting together a new bike to replace this one. I would love those gold cranks for my new gold bike. Your bike rules!


your concept is cracked already? Is cannondale building these now?!

Crackin up.

It is cracked on the seat clamp, whatever, all bikes can break, they were really cool about it so no biggie, hopefully I can get the same one, this bike fits me perfect.

White Aerospoke...

Is your Aerospoke custom-painted white or do they come stock like that? Also of note, your bike is the @#[email protected]*^& epitome of sweetness.


Hey, Got it like that stock from Freewheel in SF


still havent seen this thing yet! you better bring it on friday! I promise Ill try not to spill beer on it

nice clean build man. just

nice clean build man. just switch out those cranks.


sweet! new white rim is fresh! can wait to see it for real! come for a ride on fri i got a new white whip too!



WARNING! No Brakes

Those warning stickers always make me chuckle.

Stupid "No Brakes" sticker

I wish it was a sticker, it's painted on so you cant pick it off!
It's pretty obvious it has no brakes but I guess you have to look after stupid people?


more nz bikes. rad. this pista is friggen sweet. first one in nz? at least on the streets. Alex

lack of brake decal

they are obligated by law.

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