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1978 Peugeot Monaco Conversion         Featured Bike! on 12/20/2009

Bike tags: Fixed gear | 1978 | 53cm | blue | deep-v | more tags >>
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1978s Peugeot Monaco

Stem is stock, straight bar handlebar


700c Velocity Deep-V

700c Velocity Deep-V

Not sure

stock post, Bianchi pista leopard seat.. shopping around for a fizik

1/2" x1/8" chain, pedals borrowed from a friend

SOMA 44/18; Milwaukee Bicycle Company Hubs

If this bike could talk it would have a good story I'm sure. I traded a Raleigh Marathon (that i LOVED) for this one because the Raleigh was just too big. A co-worker had a bike building business she ran out of the garage at the time and said she would do the Peugeot. She spray painted it, converted it to fixie and did all that jazz and I thought it was wonderful, until about a month later I realized it was the crappiest paint job in the entire world. So after working hours upon hours of overtime I finally dropped her off to be powdercoated. Re-did the pink brighter and more fluorescent (pictures don't do it justice) and got myself some beautiful deep-Vs. Hooked it up with the yellow Specialized to make it pop and it was done. Currently saving up some money for minor alterations. The pictures are from most recent to oldest with the backwards progression from the original paint to the spraypaint job the day after it was done to a month after it was done, and then present. Let me know what you think!

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great job!

What brake caliper did you use on that? (or calipers in the original)

I have a Monaco that is from somewhere around there or maybe 1984 that I got from craigslist with completely ramshackle parts and have had a hard time matching brakes with wheels.

Even 27" wheels with 57mm reach calipers only reaches half way to the rim on the back...


what did it cost of powdercoat??

foot retention

foot retention

Sooo clean! I love this

Sooo clean! I love this bike:)


I absolutely LOVE the whole thing! Especially the frame color, it's perfect.


Dig what you did with the

Dig what you did with the bars.


The picture in the swamp is pretty awesome. Showstopper!

looks awesome. I love the

looks awesome. I love the paint job!

That's a good looking bike

That's a good looking bike

not to be negative

not to be negative but saving money for things like chris king headsets for a conversion is kind of a waste of money. i'm just saying. just leave it alone and save up for the next project.


I've pretty much come to that same conclusion. Thanks though!

Lighter fluid

Lighter fluid works great.

alcohol sometimes works at

alcohol sometimes works at getting glue off, or going nuts with some simple green.

great minds think alike!

great minds think alike!

Whoo! Gainesville. I'll look

Whoo! Gainesville. I'll look for this bike next critical mass. I ride a white Windsor.


every time i go to critical mass it sucks ass. i went earlier this year and my brother got a ticket for "not riding two deep" even though it was someone who was passing him. it was pretty lame, and then the next time we tried the cops were being fucking annoying so i don't even bother. I'd rather just ride it with a few friends and have fun doing that. Maybe i'll see you around!

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