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2010 Bianchi Super Pista 55CM

Bike tags: Fixed gear | 2010 Bianchi D2 Super Pista Thomson Elite HED 3 Phil Wood chicago korean Korea Izumi Sram Omnium Toshi Nitto Purdue Celeste

Bianchi Super Pista / 55CM / 2010

Nitto B201 Risers and Drops / Cinelli Groove 90MM

Carbon Bianchi Fork / Cane Creek

HED 3 / Gatorskins

Velocity Deep V / Phil Wood / Gatorskins

SRAM Omniums 165MM / Giga X Pipe BB / Sugino Zen Chainring

Selle San Marco Rolls Titanium Rails / Thomson Elite

MKS Sylvan Gold / Toshi Double Straps / Soma Double Cages / Izumi Super Toughness V Chain



48 x 17 / EAI Superstar Cog


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How close are your crank spiders to your chain stay?

Is the bike sold yet?

I am looking for a new frame and came upon this post, but if i am not mistaken it looks like it was sold?

Rear cog

What rear cog do you run to get good chainline with the Omniums? And do you use any spacers on the BB?


i use an EAI Superstar cog and nope, no spacers.

shoulda got one

when i had the chance. great bike.


thanks man i really appreciate it!

bike sold yet??

bike sold yet??


not yet!

How you like it? I prefer

How you like it? I prefer the older ones but I like these


I tried the Pista Concept for awhile since a friend of mine has it, but i like the super pista more for street use, on track possibly pista concept may fit better


hey, I'm wondering how tall you are and if you get pedal strike ?


i am 6 feet a bit over.
what do you mean by pedal strike? you talking about clearance?

pedal strike

Ohh pedal strike as in when you turn corners and the pedal hits the ground


nope hasn't happen to me either on track nor on the streets

That's a sexy Bitch!!!

That's a sexy Bitch!!!




NICE! Let me have that HED3. ;]

Oooo Omniums too!

Oh I love fucking omniums. <333 Madd bike love to you man!


New ride's sick man. I just got a new '04 Kestrel Talon SL Ooooooo! it's sex appeal! super lightweight, but I am straying away from the fixed rides. Not the end obviously, but still I am getting a race/road setup and keeping the steel track. But I saw another aluminum track today and Guuuuh I love those too. Oh, so much bike love!

sup pista

how are the 2010 super pista's? looks great

rear wheel

Perfect selection but I think a B43 rear wheel would better suit your bike than a deep V. It somewhat matchs better with the Hed3 since it is thick.


thanks for the advice man! but i really would like it lighter...
i had the gold B43's before and they were pretty darn heavy lol


this bike is sick...


Tight ride man

Hey, thanks comment on my

Hey, thanks for the comment on my Pista Concept. Your Super Pista looks great! When I first built my Concept I was also running a San Marco Rolls and Nitto B201 risers.


your bike is too sexy!

Nice bike, but it's not a

Nice bike, but it's not a D2.


Thanks man.

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