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Favorit Road

Bike tags: Road bike | 2x10 | favorit | SRAM
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Favorit / 57cm

Truvativ XR / Axiom

Soma Tange Track / Tange

White Ind. H2 / Alex R400 / Schwalbe Blizzard / Radial Lacing

White Ind. H3 / Alex R400 / Schwalbe Blizzard / 3-cross drive side lacing, Radial non-drive

SRAM Rival / Truvativ GXP

Velo Pronto TI / SR Laprade

Crank Brothers Eggbeaters SC / SRAM 10-Spd

SRAM Rival

Tektro R740

This is my fast bike, on which I go far. It is only about 2 weeks old, but I have put a lot of miles on it already.

The black tape on the right side drop bar is a result of a rushed putting the bike in a trunk of a car job on my part. That happened on day two of the bike exsistence.

So far I am really impressed with the SRAM Double Tap system. I was a little frustrated when I was putting it together, but that was more due the fact that it was 2:30 in the morning when I was trying to set it up and was more than little drunk.

Because it is such an old frame, some configuring was required to make the modern equipment work. First, I had to re-space the frame from 126.5mm to 130mm to accommodate the new hub. Then I had to get creative with the cable routing, which took three tries, but now works very well.

The rim choice came after a lot of research and humming an hawing. I have a pair of Mavic Open Pros sitting in my apartment, which would make the wheelset a lot sexier, but given my extremely happy experiences with Alex rims in general, and the extremely low weight of the R400(410g), the more I thought, the more sense it made to build with them.

Please, if you have some feedback, let me know. I have put a lot of time and thought into this build, and am looking forward to many long miles on it.

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Track fork

What's the story behind that fork? Why did you put it in there? And did you drill it to mount the brake?

The fork is from Soma, and

The fork is from Soma, and is drilled for brakes already.

I used a track fork in order to get the geometry of this bike as close to my track bike as possible; the geometry of my track bike is perfect.

Track fork

If it has always been drilled, then it's not really a track fork...

Good, thanks.

What would you like me to call it?


Oh, it's a new fork! I thought it was a little older. They didn't use to make drilled track forks, now of course it's different because of the fixie fashion.

Yeah, it is really quite

Yeah, it is really quite smooth. I was concerned about the unknown frame geo and track fork combination, but it turned out really well. I have another fork in my box of bike stuff, which I was ready to use if the geometry did not work out. But it works just fine.

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