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1984 Centurion Pro Tour 15

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Even by todays standards this bike has all the goodies. A Sanyo Dynapower bottom bracket generator,internal wiring,2 sets of bottle braze-ons,Lowrider fork mounts,ETC
I've only ridden it fully loaded a handful of times and it became my commuter for 20 years or so. That explains the non-touring gearing.A fantastic value at 459.00 1984 dollars.

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Nice touring bike

Looks like a nice relaxed frame for a long tour.

So handsome


What downtube housing stop

What downtube housing stop is that?


unique braze-on perhaps? I was eyeing it as well

The frame has a SunTour aero

The frame has a SunTour aero boss but I've never seen a housing stop for one. I should have read the comments because the owner speaks of it a couple down.


that is fucking neat

Your Centurions rule

Robbie ♪♫♪...☻

Unique shift cable stop

Thanks for the kind words! I fabricated the cable stop from a drilled and counterbored cube of "ampco".
"Ampco" is a type of bronze used to fabricate wear bushings.At the time I made it @ 1985, I was an apprentice learning the toolmakers trade.
The square hole that secures to the braze-on was burnt into the ampco using an "Elox" machine which uses a carbon electrode machined slightly smaller than the desired finished hole size.
The work piece and the electrode are immersed into an oil bath/tank and the current is passed between to two pcs. This erodes the work piece to the desired depth slightly larger by maybe .005" leaving a smooth finish with sharp corners.
After that process was completed the holes for the cables and spoke nipples were drilled.Then the final shape and weight paring began using a vertical milling machine.Then the polishing process finished it off.

Very nice...

Buying off the shelf is nice, but when you make it yourself, you make it your own. Nicely done.


Thanks for the back story -- very nice. I've done some fabrication along the way, it's mostly cutting/drilling/filing on aluminum stock for custom rack mounts. My best was an adapter that connects an Ortlieb handlebar bag to a Nitto M12 front rack. Photo is here: Time-consuming but fun to do, and it'll be good for the rest of my days. Ride on!

super cool

Love the adapter for the barcon shifter cables to the monoboss on the downtube. Custom made or did it come that way? Either way, wonderful.

Wow.. gotta love a touring bike

I like the nickel washers on your lowriders. I'd love to see a better pic of the shifter brazeon spoke holder. Beautiful bike. Adding to the cluster.


truly a dream bike.

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