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Panasonic DX-4000

Bike tags: Road bike | 60 cm | panasonic
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Tange #2 / 60 CM / 1987

Icon / Modolo

Tange / Tange

Campy NR / Galli / Michelin

Campy NR / Galli / Michelin

Sugino Mighty 171 mm / Sugino MW-68 1.37x24

Richey Logic / SR

Nashbar / DID

600 6 speed indexed / 600- NR

Blue Anodized Modolo Speedies / DiaCompe

Suntour 13x24 / 42x53

This NOS frameset hung sad and alone in a nearby college town bike shop.I saw the potential for a beautiful addition to my collection.I stripped the paint off the rear stays which allowed the beautiful chrome underneath to bling things up considerably. Though not pictured it now sports BLUE Modolo Speedy brakes.

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Wife's DX-3000

My wife actually has a DX-3000 from the same era. While not the paramount in sexiness, the bike actually rides quite nice with great lines. She loves it and at , you cant go wrong. Your DX-4000 is a bit cleaner looking and is missing her even more horrifying Panasonic 80s paint job, something to be thankful for.

One question that has me curious. I notice that you ride with your saddle actually past level, leaning back, nose up. On the other hand, some of your rides have some nice drop to ye olde bars. So how do you manage that one without the pain creeping in?

Saddle tilt

I see what you mean.That photo does look as though it's nose way up. All my bikes are biased with a slight upward tilt. Not much but perceptable no doubt.I find that a level saddle causes me to bounce at high cadence.All riders I've known for many years all are riding nose up beyond level. I search out "Old School Vintage" saddles because that's what my boys are used to.I don't care to try the "New Style" saddles with the nut pocket cutouts in them.If my boys are happy why nuts with them.Handlebar drops and reach are within comfortable ranges on all my bikes. I'm fortunate to only experience occasional lower back discomfort during an EXTREMELY fast and hilly ride due to tightening hamstrings and glutes.This can usually be stretched out on the bike and the pain vanishes.

Indeed on the old school saddles...

Well, I'm right there with you on old school saddles. It's all I have as well, cycling between various Concor, Regal, Unicanitor, and a lone Brooks Pro. I glanced back at your bikes and saw what angle you had settled on; the Panasonic just appears a bit more drastic with the Gitane Interclub and lovely Sachs the most extreme. I'd say my Concor are ever so slightly past level, ditto my Unicanitor. The Regal and Brooks Pro are closer to level. In my experience, riding aggressively in the drops puts more pressure on the perineum with a saddle that's tilted anything past ever so slightly. I've never found any bouncing issues. To me, it's a combination of comfort/performance first, closely followed by aesthetics where the perception of tilt starts to become even more painful, visually speaking. Heh. I'm about an inch taller than you at 6'3 and weigh around 195 with a bit over a 34 inseam. I generally prefer a slightly smaller frame with a bit more seat post and stem, this for a more tossable bike (My latest 62cm Ciocc is challenging this preference, however). Of course, the result is a more drastic saddle to bar drop, which makes the extra tilt pretty critical. Ultimately, just as you noted, it's a personal preference, just as saddle choice.

So yes, a mere hint of nose up is a good thing on some options like the Concor & Unicanitor. I'll link a few shots of my own options, such as an early 80s Ciocc Designer 84 and Colnago Super. The De Rosa Professional has a 1st generation Cinelli Unicanitor, also a touch back.

All this blather aside, I dig your bikes but believe the prize must land with your amazing work area! Wish I had that space! GREAT SHOP! I suspect we're both a bit older than the regular crowd here(just turning 49). Nice to find another interesting addition to this place. Some great stories in your bunch, too.

- kh

Saddle Tilt

You do know your saddles. I always start level (parallel with the top tube)to start and it almost always ends biased up by a serration or 2 using a single bolt seatpost.No numbness to note after 40 years.Those anatomic saddles by Avocet in the early eighties were no good for me.They had these padded sit bone bumps that never suited me well.I can ride most any Concor,Isca,Ideale you name it we've been intimate.I'd like to send you some pics of a G serial numbered Raleigh Pro frameset I've owned since 84 and retired from the line-up. Just too large for me and aesthetically awkward looking to boot.If your comfortable with that please let me know.
[email protected]


What size is the Raleigh Pro? I'm guessing it must be a 25.5" because the 24.5 does not look that strangely proportioned as it's more near a 62. The largest of the Pros did look a bit ungainly, especially for years of the USA bikes designed for Criteriums as they had uber-high bottom brackets which made for even longer looking head tubes. I love mine but it takes some getting used to the handling if going directly from something like that De Rosa or Colnago. Once dialed in, it's fine but the rather tight rear triangle of the day combined with that fork rake, make for an interesting pair. I get more compliments on my 74 then any of my other bikes; then again, the mink blue is a standout in person.

Would love to see some photos of the beast. I'll drop you my mail.

- kh

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