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Trek OCLV 5000 Junkyard

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Trek OVCL / 56 / 1996

3ttt Forma SL / 3ttt 2002

Trek Aluminium / Ultegra

FIR Zeus / Schwalbe Stelvio

FIR Zeus / Schwalbe Stelvio

Campagnolo Chorus mid 90ies / Shimano

Selle Italia Mythos / Shogun Pro Race

Ultegra SPD

Ultegra / Ultegra

Ultegra / Ultegra

This one was bought to have a cheap winter bike, and to save it from becoming a fixie. Some guys wanted to have the FIRs.

The ad said the previous owner brought the frame to Germany and drove it just a couple of miles during the last years. I believe him, because the bike was pure junk. The gear change, the brakes, the chain, the levers, the freewheel, everything has been driven to complete malfunction. The upper bearing in the headset was broken, and the stem seems to be welded to the fork. The rear wheel comes with a freewheel you would expect on a 99-$-bike from WalMart. It must have been suicidal to drive this bike. I took off all the tria stuff, replaced the "vintage" golden arrow crap cranks with an old Campagnolo Chorus, and after two days of polishing, greasing and adjusting it was nearly back to the former glory of 1996. Not too bad.

However, I have to say that it doesn't even come close to the european and italian bikes I ride. No soul, no sprezzatura. It won't rust, so it will do the job, but maybe I'll take off the cranks again and replace them with some carbon junk from Trigon. This thing doesn't deserve Campagnolo!

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A bit too defensive/gushy

A bit too defensive/gushy with the Euro-love imo. That bike is visually stunning and far too good for a Winter beater. Plus wouldn't bother fixing it with those dropouts either. Great job.

You're crazy

This is a great bike, I got one passed down by my father who bought it off a guy from work for 0 and I've been riding it for the last 10 years- I just got back from a 4 day touring ride from DC up, around and through Gettysburg. This bike is one tough SOB. Other than replacing the bottom bracket (just ordered), the wheels and the stem and bar setup, I believe I've got it all stock; oh, and my brooksie, of course.

Swap out the wheel set, clean up the mud and it makes for a very smooth and comfortable long distance road and hill climber.

Hold on to this bike, it's a lightweight tank and bullet racer in one.



You should have seen it when

You should have seen it when it came out of the garage. It now has a certain "stealth jet" appearance, and I have to admit that it's the first time i really like the old ultegra colour on a bike. Otherwise it had a "too poor for Campagnolo/Dura Ace"-Look.

But I took it out to my favourite road over the bavarian hills. It doesn't go around curves. There's something wrong with the steering, or, at least: It's not that sensational feeling you get if you're thundering through on a Colnago Oval Master Titanio, an old Basso Astra EL or even my German Müsing Cayo. I even changed the heavy wheels and tried Rolf Sestriere: Didn't work either. Those old Italians will kill you on the first major mistake, but with carbon fibre the companies changed that to more conveniant bikes. I wouldn't want to face some ice or snow on a Colnago, but the Trek looks as merciless as it is forgiving in any situation, as long there is no curve.

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