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Vitus ZX-1: Villager Eagle         Featured Bike! on 08/26/2010

Bike tags: Road bike | 55cm | ace | carbon | dura | more tags >>
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Vitus ZX-1 (carbon monocoque)

? / 3ttt Stem

Vitus ZX-1 (aluminum)

700c Spengle Tri-Spoke Carbon / Michelin Krylion Carbon 23 Tyre

700c Spengle Tri-Spoke Carbon / Michelin Krylion Carbon 23 Tyre

Shimano Dura-Ace FC-7402 170mm

Selle San Marco

Dura-Ace SPD / Dura-Ace HG chain

Shimano Dura-Ace RD-7402

Shimano Dura-Ace BR-7403

Shimano SG 52T, 39T x 8 speed Hyperglide style cassette various sizes: 11T - 23T

I'll get more pictures when I'm actually not riding. . . it's just too hard to not ride this machine.

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Love these frames.

Impressive. I love the old Vitus frames. Where in Hungary did you find this gem? Is it for sale?



i dig it!

but i would dig it more if the wheels were also lime green!

+1 best thing is, TriSpoke


best thing is, TriSpoke actually offered a lime green colour at one point.


This color combination is simply beautiful.

I mean there's nothing to

I mean there's nothing to say but yes.

convinced this is a . . .

human powered SPACESHIP, created during the height of the space race

this pic looks taken at

this pic looks taken at either rit or mcc?

picture was taken at the RIT

picture was taken at the RIT library. (:

go Rochester!

This bike is in Rochester? I've never seen it, I probly would stop and take

Posted By: SkidMark
Hot Rods don't have four doors, and when they burn out the rear tires smoke, not the f*cking front tires.

Kids these days.

are you sure this is a

are you sure this is a vitus? villiger is a swiss brand, that still exists. they had a professional team in the 90ies...maybe your bike is a time-trial team-machine from that time.


holy smokes! you're blowing

Holy smokes! You are blowing my mind.

Okay. Well, the frame was definitely made by Vitus. The zx-1 was their first carbon monocoque frame (one of the first by any company for that matter). Apparently, less than 1000 were made.

The majority of them were actually re-branded and sold as peugeots. I wonder if villager bikes did the same. Very likely.


this bike.

this bike is so disgusting, my cat threw up, and ate it, then´╗┐ my dog ate my cat, and it seemed clean. and i mean that as a compliment.



Absolutely killer! Those

Absolutely killer! Those bars are nuts, the way they bend backwards towards you. So odd.

Are those 650 wheels?

They do appear to be 650c

They do appear to be 650c wheels, but they are, in fact 700c. I've tried to do research on them but have come up pretty empty handed. I have seen 650c versions in mountain bike applications of all things.

I'm all about the aero, but these bars are nice such that since they do bend back it allows sitting up right to be very comfortable. Otherwise I've got my hands at the end of the bars, going 90mph or sommit.

No offense, but do you have

No offense, but do you have any proof?

hope you got a good

hope you got a good lock...actually, don't lock that thing up ever. Also judging by the height of the saddle next to you, you may want to raise it up a bit. I can't really tell though, how's you leg extension while riding? And one more thing...where the hell did you find that frame?

Shipped from Hungary. Yeah,

Shipped from Hungary. Wheels are from Austria. I've been riding fixed for a while, with an old 80's convert and suicide hub. This bike was quite the upgrade for me.

Yeah, this picture is from the first day that I put this bike together. Since then the seat has been raised, good eye :)

The only thing that I'm locking this bike up to is my waist.

cool man; do work.

cool man; do work.

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