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Cannondale Silk Road 500 (1997)

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Cannondale CAAD3 Silk Road / 58 / 1997

Scott DropIns (420) / Cannondale Holy Headset stem (110/20)

HeadShok DD15

Shimano Exage / Matrix Titan-Tech (32x15 ga) / Continental Super Sport 100 (700/23)

Shimano Exage / Matrix Titan-Tech (32x15 ga) / Continental Super Sport 100 (700/23)

Shimano RSX triple 26/36/46

Selle San Marco Ponza / Kalloy SP-263B

SPD / Sachs SC45

Shimano RSX STI / RSX

Shimano RSX

Shimano Hyperglide 11-24 (AI) / 26/36/46

Cannondale DD15 HeadShok with lockout

Same frame and components as the normal CAAD3 race version with the HeadShok option. Very sweet ride with the ability to lock out the head shok when sprinting or climbing. Used professionally in the Paris/Roubaix and some of the other extreme pro races.
I'd been after this frame for years.

Picked up Profile bar tape which to my amazement was long enough to wrap the complete bar. I thought I was going to have to use 3 rolls of tape.

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caad 3 / Paris Roubaix

hello from France,
about your bike : 1 / /

Paris Roubaix

I'd been looking for those pics for a while. I have much of the end of the race where Pieri gets beat finally in the velodrome. All I can say is that when you are on the rough stuff the headshok really makes it seem smooth. I sometimes still have to check tire pressure because it feels like you are running with a very low front tire.

I also believe that this was the last competition before they mandated helmets across all racing.


New wheelset

Swapped out the wheelset for a dark and lighter weight set. Think they accent the frame nicely. I've always preferred Continentals.

Cadd with head shok

I'm looking for a 56cm version frame. Could you tell me how or where you found yours?

Caad 3 Looks great

Your bike looks great. I have that same frame but I swapped the forks for a set of carbon fiber. These frames are light and sometimes stiff but ride amazingly. You have a very nice collection.


this is a good looking bike for sure, and it's Iowa colors. Go Hawks!

Iowa Hawkeyes

Yeah, you aren't the first to suggest that although that wasn't the idea behind it.

Wow, good looking bike. I

Wow, good looking bike. I really like the HeadShok option, seems like a valuable and practical component, has it made much of a discernible difference to the bike's ride quality. Do you have any real world experience between your CAD and the newer CAADs, specifically the rear triangle design. I see your dog is back there doing Dog's work : P

The HeadShok is amazing

The HeadShok I have found to be amazing. The option adds less than one pound to the total weight of the bike. I live on gravel, so anywhere I ride equates to at least 3 miles of gravel roads. Throw bad asphalt and concrete on top of that and you get a lot of hand and arm fatigue and numbness. The first time I took the bike out I thought I had a low tire and then remembered the shock. Makes a huge upper body difference on long rides. As with shocks on cars, the ability to maintain your line on rough, tight, fast downhills is something to be experienced. I have not had the ability to compare it to a newer CAAD, but I can lock out the shock and experience the comparable year's CAAD which like this have aluminum forks.

Finding a Cadd 3 with Headshok.

I'm looking for a Cadd3 with the headshok. Where did you find your's?
Does Cannondale still make a road frame with the Headshok?

No, I'm afraid they no

No, I'm afraid they no longer produce the road frame with HeadShok. I walked into a bike dealer close to my town and it was being taken out for a test ride. It had only been in the shop for a week and was traded in on another bike. The guy brought it back from the test ride and I bought it.
I'll keep you in mind in case I see another. There was a new one for sale on an on-line bike shop.. NOS. What size do you ride?

Love the new bars.

Scott DropIns are amazing bars.

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