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Dolan Arc

Bike tags: Fixed gear | Track bike
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Dolan Arc 2010 54 cm wc edition - 12k weave ultra hi-modulus UDP carbon monocoque frame

3T Sphinx LTD / 3T Arx Pro 100 +/-17

Alpina Wing Pista carbon aero track fork / Alpina integrated headset

Cytex wheels

Cytex wheels

Shimano Dura Ace FC7710 track crank set (NJS) 170mm / Shimano Dura Ace 7710 Bottom Bracket

Prologo C.One Nack / Alpina Wing TT Aero seatpost 27,2

Suntour Superbe Pro Pedals with Aurora straps / HKK Vertex Blue track racing chain

Shimano 'Zen' Olympic chain ring 144pcd 53T



Never mind the haters, they're just jealous...

Surprises me as right after

Surprises me as right after I looked at the picture of your bike, I assumed that you were some guy in a big team or something but for the streets, boy..

All you need = AX lightness zeus stem + clipless setup = ready to go for a madison/points race !

carbon O.O

carbon O.O

fuking sik mate

fuking sik mate

^ could've gotten this no?



so nice!

Wow top notch build! Those

Wow top notch build! Those sphinx bars look outrageously huge lol but I bet they're really comfortable/useful.

My only comment is that you should have clipless pedals on such a nice track (i'm assuming?) build.

This bike looks amazing.

But, am I the only one who thinks those sphinx bars are absolutely hideous?

no, i agree. horrible

no, i agree. horrible aesthetically. i really hope they're at least comfortable to ride.

Surely not, as a matter of

Surely not, as a matter of taste, but for what they are they are amazing! I have B123 and B127 on other bikes, so I definitely like the more classic stuff as well, but I'll take the Sphinx any day over Deda/Cinelli pistas for a bike like the Arc.

this bike is almost TOO

this bike is almost TOO badass. Mad ups.





Those bars are fucking MAD

Those bars are fucking MAD looking. Tell me more about them and how they feel to ride. Do you ride the tops where the brakehoods would be during races, or do you mainly ride the drops?

I guess you really like carbon, huh? Just need a carbon chainring and cranks. Haha.

Why no clipless pedals?

The Sphinx bars are super

The Sphinx bars are super comfortable. They were engineered along with Cameron Meyer for endurance racing where one alternates between sprinting and level high speed. The idea is that one uses the drops for sprints, and that one adopts the sphinx position by hooking the wrists inside the bend with palms facing outwards. But you also have two more great positions; riding on the top forward corners (brakehoods) which allows you to have a firm grip for pulling when accelerating or climbing, and riding on the back corners where the wrists rest gently on the outer part of the flat aero wing - which is very comfortable compared to the closed in position you would get on traditional pista/keirin bars that curves in early. UCI-compliance might be a problem though as it is quite a bit longer than traditional bars. I should probably note that I don't compete, but my bike does.

Carbon is nice, but I like steel and alu as well...just for different purposes. =)

I've never ridden SPD actually, so it is just what I'm used to. I do ride with Aurora though, which is pretty much the tightest strap available.

I should probably note that I don't compete, but my bike does.

So wait… you don't even race with this bike? What do you mean "my bike does"?

So this is just a commuting/street bike?

It really baffles me that you would have an Olympic quality build… and not even race. Please explain.

A 3,000 dollar carbon track

A 3,000 dollar carbon track frame as a commuter / apartment art. Those handlebars have to be some of the ugliest I've ever seen, but the rest of the bike is cool. Well, the wheels look cool, but a aero spoked wheel would definitely function better on the street and track.

Well, for me it is an

Well, for me it is an interest in bicycles, and when I do something I don't do it half-ass. =) Personally, I only ride it off the track, but not a whole lot in the city exactly...the gearing is quite high so it is not really suited for arguing with taxis. I would love to race it on the track (not competitively), but there isn't any track where I live.

When I wrote "my bike does", it was merely that the current Norwegian champion in 1000m and 4000m will be borrowing the bike for an event in Sweden this September. So at least my bike gets SOME real action. =)

And just so you don't think I'm a total douche...the frame was bought at a heavy discount, as was the wheels. So even though it has been expensive to build it hasn't been craaaazy expensive. Kick me in the head if I upgrade to iO/Comete wheels or something...

Whatever makes someone

Whatever makes someone happy. I'm cool with that. I totally understand.

However, since you don't even have the potential to ride this on a track, for which it's intended and built for, I question why you did not build just as awesome as a time trial bike, or even road bike. Both of which, you could surely feed your same addiction to building a nice bike, but have something that you could actually use for what it's made for!

Hell, for all I know, you have a killer TT aero bike built up too, along with a road bike. Haha

He is saying his bike is

He is saying his bike is faster than your bike.


lulz commuter biek

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