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ThickBikes Art Bike         Featured Bike! on 05/23/2011

Bike tags: Single speed | art | bike as art | coaster | cruiser | more tags >>
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Thick Art Bike ultra custom one-off

Thick Art Bike extremely custom one-off integrated fork/stem/bars

Thick Art Bike custom one-off integrated fork/stem/bars, Headset is nothing special

Sweetskins reptile-looking tires - Not Shown Here - I gotta take some updated pictures

Shimano coaster hub

Vintage 181mm Cook Bros Racing cranks, Mystery ancient sealed BB

Vintage Tioga (Izumi?) green and white chain - Not Shown Here

I made this bike for myself because I was inspired to do so by my similar furniture designs. It rides very smoothly and elicits comments from those who are paying attention to bikes. It is a little on the heavy side at 40 pounds but I overbuilt it because it is the first one. I am working on another version with 700c wheels, probably fixed...
This bike is currently on display in The OTB Cafe in Pittsburgh's Historic South Side.

These photos were taken by Justin Flagg.

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WOW, WHAT A BEAUTIFUL BIKE!!! The arch from the bottom bracket to the rear dropout is especially artistic. The whole bike shows imagination, craftsmanship, dedication, persistence, and art, and function too. A lot of art can't be used, but this rolling masterpiece can! WOW,WOW,WOW!

Green Lantern

...would be proud..


..The Mighty Chewbacca Approves this Message!


rename it or something...


I really like the frame job! but the fork and handle bar is a bit disacording for me. . . but a great job! thanks

Cool Design!

Are you a fan of Tom Dixon? You mentioned furniture design as an inspiration. Your bike reminds me of his Pylon Chair:

Actually no.

I don't really like that chair too much although I have seen it before. I prefer ones that are more curvacious like this chair or this stool.


I'm just a girl on the street..

I work with metal as a sculptor and bravo the welds look pretty sweet. Keep it up and best of luck on the ones to follow

Looks like an Alex Moulton

Cool--Looks like an Alex Moulton, as seen on TreeHugger or


"...and elicits comments from those who are paying attention to bikes."

...the biggest understatement of the year. wherever you learned how to weld, you learned very, very well. keep it up, man!


...But that is beautiful.


That is quite wonderful.


Awesome work! Its GREEEEEEEEEEEEN!


This bike is so pretty! I think your the only person who made mastronaut's top 10,,,,, twice. BOOYAH!
With frames you built yourself no less! Not that it matters.

You need to ride it around the eiffel tower! You'd show them Frenchies! Why build something cool if you can't ride it?

I still think it should be chrome. Next one needs a Nexus 8! Roller brake.

Live Free and Ride Hard!

aesome. keep the arts alive.

awesome. keep the arts alive.

Holy Cow - You could easily

Holy Cow - You could easily add a removable fairing made of ripstop or lycra. I'll bet it gets comments. Great work.

beautiful work

i'm looking forward to seeing your next one! it looks as though there is more material over the front wheel than is typical for a bicycle. is the center of gravity notably farther forward than on a conventional bike, and if so, is that something you are contemplating changing on the next bike?

Front Weight

OK I'll be the first to admit that when I made the fork/stem/bar combo I got carried away. It turned out much larger than I was planning but I did it for aesthetic reasons. It looked good. The center of gravity probably is farther forward but you do not notice it when cruising around. If you turn very sharply back and forth you can feel the extra weight but this is not something you would do while just cruising and you get used to it very quickly. Although the fork has most of its mass in front of the axle the geometry of the fork is pretty similar to a normal MTB rigid fork. I will probably scale down the next version but I am also thinking about adding an integral basket or rack...


You made my list!

Truly a work of art

Bridge trusses, indeed! That is an outstanding piece of artwork, one that certainly turns heads, I am sure!!!

Very creative! Reminds me of

Very creative! Reminds me of bridge trusses.


This is really beautifull bike!

The most unique art bike

The most unique art bike I've yet to see, fantastic build. Tell us more about your art/studio

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