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Tiemeyer Aero Track - Pursuit - Sprint Build          Featured Bike! on 08/8/2011

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Tiemeyer Signature Aero Track frame, 58cm x 54cm

TRACK-Deda Pista w/ EDGE 120mm stem, PURSUIT-Alpina Carbon Aero w/ Deda stem, STREET- Profile Bullhorns w/ EDGE 110mm

EDGE Track fork, Crank Brothers Cobalt C headset

TRACK/PURSUIT-Reynolds SDV66 Track, Continental SuperSonic Tire 700x20, Continental Supersonic tube, STREET-Reynolds Recon Track, Conti 4-Seasons

TRACK/PURSUIT-Reynolds SDV66 Track, Continental SuperSonic Tire 700x20, Continental Supersonic tube, STREET-Reynolds Recon Track, Conti 4-Seasons

Sugino 75's 170mm (LOGOS REMOVED) w/ Sugino 75 Bottom Bracket with custom ceramic bearings

Fizik Antares 00 carbon seat, EDGE Seatpost

TRACK/PURSUIT-Keywin Ti Track Pedals, STREET- Time ATAC-Ti axle.

48 Sugino ZEN chainring, EAI 15t Alloy cogs, Sugino Torx chainring bolts

I really wanted to build up ONE bike to do EVERYTHING, from bunch track races, sprint races, to pursuit/time trials. With the custom geometry of this frame, being such a short top tube, I was able to achieve something that was not possible in ANY of my other bikes. Usually with aero bars, you need a really short top-tube to get correct position, but all my other bikes had long top tubes, so aero bars were not possible. Now with just the swap of a stem, I can go from Omnium races to Pursuit races on the same bike.

All comments and criticism welcome.

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Bike has been updated on my new profile found here! Thanks for the feature!

This bike is so beautiful,

This bike is so beautiful, man...brought a tear to my eye.

god you are so ridiculous

god you are so ridiculous with your builds, is your cervelo just sitting around unbuilt then?

Actually, my Cervelo got

Actually, my Cervelo got sold because I'm poor (despite having nice bikes) and now all I have left is my complete EAI BK build and my Tiemeyer frame w/ track wheels, which sits in my studio until track season comes along... then I will transfer all the parts from my EAI to the Tiemeyer.

The Tiemeyer is an amazing bike, but not so good on the streets or in the winter. No place to hook fenders, hard to fit a U lock around the tubing.

also those seat stays are

also those seat stays are nasty. so nice.

Such an awesome build! It's

Such an awesome build!
It's a shame taht edge composites changed their name and logos...

Hahaha. It's silly to say,

Hahaha. It's silly to say, but all the "edge" was in the name. However, they still make the best carbon on the market. It's my dream to one day have a Parlee (made with all Edge tubing).

mean bike

ATB That bike needs some Batman logos,I agree.

this bike is gorgeous, i

this bike is gorgeous, i hope i can get something like it someday



Hey ryan what is the

Hey ryan what is the difference in stem lengths between your track/street and your aero bar setup for pursuit? I want to eventually get some clip on T2+ aerobars or an integrated setup for one of three bikes in the near future (my current bike, the BK or the marin triathlon I am gonna work on next spring), probably for training (off track for now) purposes only.

I know that the disproportional lengths of the top tube and seat tube on the Tiemeyer worked out for you because of your long legs, but I want to see how much flexibility I have with stem lengths. I was thinking since I normally run a 110mm stem with a 57cm TT, I could try out a 70mm stem with some aerobars? I have the best chance of aerobars on the Marin frame I picked up, because the TT is 55.5.


Well, as a TT bike, I use a

Well, as a TT bike, I use a 90 stem with 10 degree drop. Basically, look up TT bike fitting and you'll see you want your forearms and biceps to be 90 degree angle, and your forearms to be totally horizontal, same with your back.

I ride a 110mm on the trackā€¦ but it's too short. I SHOULD be around a 130mm, but I actually like the shortness for the track because it lets me bend my arms more like "L" shaped when holding the drops deep on the inside bend. I find it more shock absorbing and more comfortable, rather than having stiff arms and holding the flat of the drops.

Anyway, you're gonna have to try a few different stems, depending on what aero bars you use. I would say around a 50cm-80cm would be where you need to be.

Stem length is more critical with TT bikes then with track drops. Height and degree of drop is also important, as your drop needed for aero bars might be more/less than what is needed with your drop bars. So, buy your bars/stems accordingly. It might be good to get a ergo LOOK stem to play around with different drops/reach when first starting out.

Cannot wait to see your build! You're sure doing a lot of planning!

when you are rich, you act;

when you are rich, you act; when you are, broke you plan (or at least hope). Though it seems that this is not the case in many wonders of the world...

Thanks for the tips, that makes a lot of sense. I am gonna initially start with a 100mm stem for the BK because im gonna put mid-reach bullhorns on it. But I like the idea of the Look stem for the BK or the Marin to figure things out with aerobars. I am assuming that if I put aerobars on the BK im gonna need something like a 70mm stem with a 6-10 degree rise, but we shall see.

I feel like out of everyone on velospace, I have let you down most by delaying the BK build, especially since I caused such a hassle with the seatpost you sent me. But as you said, better to take my time with something special than get a quickie piece of shit out there for everyone to criticize.

Just noticed switched out

Just noticed switched out your Thomson parts. The EDGE groupo is sweet

That fucking EDGE stuff is

That fucking EDGE stuff is addicting like cocaine man! After I got the fork, and saw how nice quality it was, and the fact that it's about 1/2 the weight of all other carbon forks, I could not help but pair it with a EDGE stem. The EDGE seatpost was abit of a indulgent thing. I just loved the 1 bolt clamping design and how simple and clean it is. It's a sexy seatpost that's lighter than the Thomson Masterpiece. It's a shame you can hardly see it on this frame however! HAHA!

Yeah! I was looking at your

Yeah! I was looking at your seat post I was like wait a minute Thomson dont clamp like this or had decals like that and then realized how sexy it is, your build gets better and better

Everything is pretty much

Everything is pretty much exactly as it will stay from here on out. With exception of the chainring bolts which I'm swapping for black ones, and the 2 chainring bolts on each dropout which I'm swapping for black ones as well.

I was CONSIDERING trading my race wheels, SDV66's, for a set of full carbon HED3's, as I think they would visually fit the bike well. Although for racing, I might also jump on a rear disk and front 5 spoke at some point. We'll see. Haha.

Trying to get every inch of

Trying to get every inch of this bike black arent yah haha
HED3 will look so sick on this even though your bike is already so awesome, a disc wheel would be so nice!
You should get Mavic Comete and IO wheelset on the bike

how do you like this frame?

i can get it for a super good deal.

Simply amazing. Most

Simply amazing. Most certainly the best track frame I've ridden. It's a keeper. Even at Tiemeyer's price that he sells them for, I would say it's a super good deal.


this thing is sick.

thought your fork had the dc

thought your fork had the dc comics logo on it for a second. kinda disappointed that it's not.

Batman called, he wants his

Batman called, he wants his bike back hehe haha :D

another one

ANOTHER ONE?!? Didn't you just get the cervelo t1? nice build though all of yours are haha

This bike is sooooooo sex I

This bike is sooooooo sex I can't stop coming back and looking at it. A+ on the build.



AHHHHHHHHHHH! I can't stop

AHHHHHHHHHHH! I can't stop looking at it.

nice edge fork you got there

nice edge fork you got there :)

I owe you one for the fork!

I owe you one for the fork! If it was not for you recommending it, I would never have known about the "builders discount" and been able to afford it!

Look its Batman!

Look its Batman!

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