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Koga Miyata Gentsracer Aeroluxe

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Tange Champion seattube 60cm (bb - sl, m-m) toptube: 57cm (sl-st, m-m)

Sakae Ringyo Road Champion / Shimano 600 AX 110mm

Aero Hi Manga / Shimano 600 with AX plastic cap

Shimano 600 Ax hub w/ Mavic Argent 10 rim & Wolber Neo Pro colle

Shimano 600 Ax hub w/ Mavic Argent 10 rim & Wolber Neo Pro colle

Shimano 600 AX / Shimano 600

Ariake Aero Jaguar / Shimano 600 AX

Shimano 600 AX / Shimano UG

52/42 - 13-23

Is just missing the AX bottle cage & bottle to be complete. In the long run, I`m looking for a smaller frame - this one's a tad too big for me

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Nice ax group, hope you find your cage and bottle.

Love the color. Great job

Love the color. Great job keeping it classic!

added to the cluster

added to the koga miyata cluster! ; )

Neat shifters!

Neat shifters!

It reeks unique...

How much did it cost brand new?

How much ax


Approx £375 in 81/2?



Are those roller-cam brakes? Holy cow, they look bizarre, but supercool!

i guess you could call them

i guess you could call them roller-cams, although they miss the roller part. still, the principle is the same as with roller-cam brakes.

these brakes were one of the distinguishing features of the "shimano ax" groups brought out in 1981 - there were two, 600 and Dura Ace, which were quite similar to each other (actually, there were three - the third was the low-end "adamas ax". i don't know much about that one)). other features include the first "aero" brake levers with cable routing under the bar tape, and the special "DynaDrive" Crank and Pedal system, where the pedal has no axle and the bearing is located in the cranks.

the groups belong to some of the first steps of designers trying to improve the aerodynamics of bicycles. at the time, they weren't very successful (imho, he group was discontinued in 1983), but today the nice aesthetics and the historical significance has given them their share of recognition.

cable loop downstream of brake attachment?

Hi. Cool bike. I have a pair of these brakes. I haven't mounted them yet. I'm wondering why you've included that long cable loop ~after~ the brake attachment on both front and rear. Is that some kind of known safety precaution with these brakes?

Thank you very much.


Your Koga AX

I have a scan of the 1981 catalogue showing your bike as was made.
But I need to fique how to post it?


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