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Look AL P 464 (sold)

Bike tags: Fixed gear | 464 | campagnolo | look | Reynolds
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Look 464 AL P / 54 / 2010

Deda Pista/Deda Newton 90mm


Reynolds SDV-66/GXP4000

Reynolds SDV-66/Gatorskin

Campagnolo Record Pista / Phil Wood

Fizik Alienat/ Thomson Seat Post 330mm

speedplay Track/ Sram PC7x

49t campy /17t (phil wood)


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Im about 5'11-6' should i

Im about 5'11-6' should i get a sm or a med?

prop med

prop med

The only reason people would

The only reason people would hate is because they're envious. Fuckem'. Clean build.


which frame do you like better, your vig or this 464?
im debating between the 2 and i think im leaning towards the look

and how tall are you? i noticed you put your frame is a 54 but they dont come in that size per the look website itself, is it a medium?
you help is greatly appreciated

oh and one more thing, is your thomson post a 31.6? i see the frame is specified as 31.8

I like the 464 more than the

I like the 464 more than the vig. The vig is slack in terms of geo. Also ride quality i feel like the 464 is stiffer. That being said it is a carbon steerer tube, so thats my one area of concern if you ride this on the street.

I am 5'10 and the 464 alp is a small. I did the measurements of the medium and it was more like a 56 than a 54. With that being said, now that i have a small, the medium would have worked also. I also ride a medium for my LOOK 585 road bike. Its different geo, but sizing was good on medium.

As for the seatpost, its meant to say 31.7, which is the same as 31.8. Sorry for the confusion.


thanks for all the help! and yeah i would be mainly using it for street purposes, i must have overlooked that the steer tube is carbon when i was on the site, as much as i absolutely love this frame, i might have to reconsider because of that, carbon steertubes make me nervous, do you ride yours mainly on the street? if so any problems? im fairly careful and do no tricks

i ride primarily on the

i ride primarily on the street. I havent had any issue and i talked with the shop i bought the frame from about that very issue. They were adamant it wouldnt be a problem because of the thickness of the carbon. I personally havent had a problem and i put alot of miles on a track bike.


thanks alot for answering all of my questions, it is much appreciated. this is one of the nicest builds on here and if it were mine it wouldnt see anything less than hundreds of miles as well.

Super rad. I'd love

Super rad. I'd love something like this!

Super nice build! Where do

Super nice build! Where do you ride?

I also ride those SDV66 wheels on my Cervelo T1 and love them. Great wheels.

I ride in SF. This bike

I ride in SF. This bike receives a ton of hate... not sure why.

The wheels are great, but must give deference to Dom, who is rocking them with Phil Hubs.

You ride this mainly on the

You ride this mainly on the street, or do you ride track? Judging by the 49/17 ratio, I'm assuming it never touches the track.

I can see why riding this on the street might get some hate. It's such a dedicated track build.

I'm moving out to SF in a few months from the East coast. Just returned from a week long visit out there and love it.

No, it will see the track.

No, it will see the track. I havevent put the 14t cog on the other side yet. But it sees alot time in Marin on paradise loop and other training rides.

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