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Bianchi Reparto Corse

Bike tags: Road bike | Bianchi | bianchi celeste | road bike
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Bianchi Reparto Corse Celeste/52cm/late 1980s

Ritchey Pro/Bontrager Sport

Kestrel EMS Pro Carbon/Cane Creek S2

700c/Shimano 600/Mavic Open/Serfas Seca 23cm

700c/Shimano 600/Mavic Open/Serfas Seca 23cm

Shimano 600/Shimano 600

Bontrager inForm/Specialized Carbon

MKS Gr-9 black/All-City double toe clips/Wellgo double toe straps (animal friendly!)

Shimano Ultegra Flight Deck/front Shimano 600/rear Shimano Ultegra

Shimano 600/ Shimano Ultegra Flight Deck

Tenorikuma spoke card :P

Similiar Frameset?


I have a similar bike to yours and it is the only other one I have found. Mine has a Bianchi SLX sticker on it but is designed like the post 1991 bikes with the fastback seatstays, internal cable routing and semi-vertical rear dropouts. I have not found anything in the catalogs on it.

Have you ever check the seattube at the bottom bracket for ridges? I did and didn't find any which is even more confusing as there should be if this was an SLX bike.

I should upload some pics...

Very Nice bike. Most likely

Very Nice bike. Most likely early 90's based on the fastback seatstays (where the seat stays meet the seat tube lug) the chromed rear triangle and the internal cable routing.

aw sweet, thanks for the

aw sweet, thanks for the info. you don't happen to know if any of the parts are original? i was thinking the shimano 600 might be.

I suspect not...

Reparto Corse is the race shop, and for most of the last 20 years, they're the only Bianchis where the framesets were built in Italy. My understanding is that the Reparto Corse stuff all came with Campagnolo build kits, at least in the lugged era. That ends...1993? 1994? It's hard to be sure; 1985-1995 seems to be an Internet black hole for Bianchi catalogs. There's a Bianchi nerd in Japan that posted a lot of scanned catalogs, but he did it back in the pre-broadband days, and all the scans are tiny (and in Japanese!). It's hard to know what you're looking at.

My guess is that Bianchi probably stopped using SLX somewhere around 1990, when lighter tubesets like SBX and EL came out.

What's the decal on the top tube, near the seat tube?

The decal is a bianchi

The decal is a bianchi signature, but the tubing is SLX. I found I picture of one online that was built up with the shimano 600, so that's why I thought it might be original. But yea, Campagnolo makes more sense.


Lovely frame! That's some deeeep drop handlebars you have there! Considering the relatively small size of the frame, are those handlebars actually comfortable on the drop position? Just wondering...


it's a little bit of a stretch after awhile, but the angle of the photo makes it look a little more extreme than it is.

drop bars

Have you ever considered short reach shallow drop bars? In the look department, I think that they would suit the frame better, and more importantly, you could gain some serious comfort on long rides. I own the FSA Vero Compact which are cheap and sturdy, but anything short and shallow should be fine. Just my opinion by the way, don't bother answering if you think I'm a moron :-)


No I appreciate the advice. The bars were on the bike when I bought it and I am considering changing them when I get the funds.

Added to Bianchi di celeste cluster

What version of tubing is it - Columbus SL or SLX?


It's Columbus SLX

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