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EAI Bareknuckle / 60cm / 2009

Nitto B123 38cm / Toshi bar tape / Thomson

Wound Up (Carbon steerer) (anodized black) / Chris King

Phil Wood / Velocity B43 / Panaracer Rimbo

Phil Wood / Velocity B43 / Panaracer Rimbo

Sugino 75 / Zen Chainring / Campagnolo BB

San Marco REGAL Ti Rails / Thomson - Masterpiece

White Industries / HKK Vertex Blue track racing chain (NJS)

Wound Up fork is the newest addition.

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pretty much perfection! You

pretty much perfection! You have a lot of money to put into bikes though obviously.
Do you ride this on a track or just the road or both?

would you mind telling me

would you mind telling me how tall you are? i'm trying to decide between the 60 and the 62 and haven't had much luck with information.


I am 6'3" fits perfect.

Very nice looking bike! What

Very nice looking bike!
What size are your clips? Are you getting some overlapping?


they are large. I have no toe overlap, there are deff some benefits in having a large frame.

Alright, thanks for the

Alright, thanks for the reply. I swear this bike is such a beast, haha.

minus the b43s...

...this bike is my dream.


it was once mine...handle it...slowly, its fun.

Beautiful bike! Nice build.

Beautiful bike! Nice build.


Your bike is better than mine. It is better than mine in every way. I mean, you have Toshi bar tape for chrissakes! You had me excited until your douchey "notes". Why don't you mention your Wound Up fork one more time. And thanks for including your clever brake set-up... genius! Screw you and your ego. I will never enjoy her. Fuck off.

hahaha, aw man, not you too.

hahaha, aw man, not you too. look chill out bro. im sorry if my ego offended you, i am eating my words, believe me.

ok shoot... i'm a dick

I'm over it... nice ride! really, it's killer.

W.I. Urban Pedals rock

about time I see someone else with these pedals. expensive but worth it imo. sick setup you have there but imho I would have went with an EAI Deluxe track cog for a total murdered look.


The silver cog is a nice touch. How are those pedals?


If you are a big guy like myself (not fat), then you are in heaven.
I find them to be perfect.



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