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Cinelli Mash

Bike tags: Track bike
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Cinelli Mash / 55cm / 2010

Nitto ADB-X / Salsa / Lizard Skin Tape

Mash Carbon Fork / Columbus

Low Flange Phil Wood / Velocity Aero / Gatorskin

Chub Hub / Velocity Aero / Ribmo

Miche Advanced / Miche Pista Pr1mato Advanced

San Selle Flite / Thomson Elite

MKS GR-9 Platform / Izumi Track Chain

Toshi Single Straps

It's Fast.

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shut the hell up deermatt

Awesome bike man!


Good build in the making brother, keep it up!


That green really looks great in person. Good luck with the build, get that thing done and put up some finished pics!!

the rules when uploading a

the rules when uploading a bike says pretty clear "DO NOT UPLOAD JUST A PICTURE OF A FRAME, WAIT UNTIL THE BUILD IS COMPLETE"


quit being a jackoff on forums. your thread monitoring makes me want to find another forum, but i dont think everyone here wastes their time being especially annoying and petty. but i thought you might appreciate this.

deermatt deermatt deermatt

Dearest deermatt,

Why are you being a cop/moral patrol on Velospace all the time?
You're neither an administrator, a shareholder or Greg, the sole owner of this site.
I don't mean to lecture you, but let people express themselves.
Show the guy some love. He's happy about this frame he's about to build.
And we should be happy for him.

Is that too difficult for you?

It says it loud and clear

It says it loud and clear when you go to upload the bike , please no frames. Its pointless to post just a frame laying on the ground . Madman you have no grounds standing up for him, because hes in the wrong, and you've done your fare share of spam around here anyway. Don't like the rules ? don't use velospace then..

It sounds like you own Velospace Deermatt!

I'm impressed!
How much share do you own? Are you on the board of directors?
Or is this an investment and you're working hard to meet ad revenue forcast for the next quarter by going out and seeking more members by seeding blogs and using other social media to generate awareness and build brand recognition?

No. None of the above. Most likely you don't have a clue as to what any of the above means.

So the fact is this: you're no better or worst than anyone on Velospace (well, slightly on the worst side but I'll cut you some slack). So be nice. That's the first rule and if you have a problem with that go talk to Greg whom you act like you know personally LOL. (You don't)
Secondly, you said it yourself: CONTRIBUTION.
But I guess it applies to everyone but yourself, right? Because you're royalty in Ohio, am I correct? You are above all other peasants within it's state borders, right?
Well let me tell it to you like this: I don't see you contributing anything - let me repeat, ANYTHING. I mean, you can CONTRIBUTE by giving this new guy some pointers, but all you do is belittle him. You go around belittling people here, there, almost everywhere. You take the beauty out of this sport and you make Velospace an unpleasant place.

Ever heard of the term "small dogs bark loud?" That's you.

Obviously you're an unhappy person. I felt sorry for you from the start.
May you find peace with whatever is troubling you.


Ohio ? I've never been to

Ohio ? I've never been to Ohio . I've been a active member here for about 2 years , all you do is post countless "super rare njs " for sale listings. When you go to upload a bike, the rules are loud and clear. If you cant understand that, then there are other issues there. There is no point in uploading a frameset. Its not contributing anything to the site. Madman, you're just mad for getting called out on using the forum for the sole purpose of pushing your ebay listings. Go cry about it on the internet.


You need another hobbie, damn get into collecting old boats or something... Shit's lame and I have gotten lip from you before.. You think that you are the shizz by posting old ass track bikes.. Who fuckin cares man... If you a collection of old lambo's, corvette's, porsche's, and shelby's maybe I would give a shit, ride more and talk less...

The correct spelling is "shit"

And I agree with you that I think that of myself.

: )


...another pointless upload. I don't care about the rules but for goodness sake! Another picture of just a frame. Build the fucking bike! I can look at a (better) picture of this elsewhere, everywhere. Hardly interesting now is it?

sorry everyone

I'm still new here, I didn't read the rules first. I added another photo. I didn't mean to upset anyone.


I don't mean to be too offensive but what is the point of posting the incomplete bike anyway? Is this some kind of a trailer? You want to make people so interested that they'll come back and see whether you're finished? I simply don't get it.

Welcome to the club!

Everybody was new at one point so don't listen to these prepubescent teenagers with cheddar cheese stuck on their braces.

Don't be sorry.

I like this frame and colour! Can't wait to see it built!

You see? Not everyone is a prick.

There are mature people who have sex like galileo, who don't take his hormonal frustrations out on others. Cheers to you galileo! I agree! I like the green Mash more than the gray ones.

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