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Affinity Lo Pro / 52cm 09

Nitto B123 38cm / Nitto Jaguar Stainless 120mm

Stock / Chris King 2 Nut

Aeropspoke machined / Conti. G4000 tires / Conti. inner tubes

Aeropspoke machined / Conti. G4000 tires / Conti. inner tubes

Sugino 75 / Sugino BB

Kashimax Five gold 8 / Nitto SP-72 Jaguar

Mikashima / Izumi


One of my Favorite.
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Why in the hell do you have

Why in the hell do you have on 52x14? Thats what, 98 gear inches? so damned stupid .. Not to mention that saddle to bar drop and the heavy , worthless aerojokes. Your pista is very nice though

whats wrong with having that

whats wrong with having that gear ratio? Just curious? I ride 48 13 on da concept and a 53 15 on the track pro. Honestly I ride it just fine on the streets and the velodrome.

The problem is thats almost

The problem is thats almost 98 gear inches, which is just stupid for the street ,and I would almost guarantee that you cannot wind that up to its potential . A friend of mine , been racing since he was 13, hes 22 now, elite class and olympic contender , races on 100 gear inches, I highly doubt your near his level. You should be using the gear that you get the most potential out of , I sometimes ride 50x14 on the track, but I have gotten faster times on a 50x15.

well yeah usually on an

well yeah usually on an easier gear ratio you get more out of it. Yeah I'm 17 so not so much experience yet but I still perform just fine. I ride on the streets daily and I love the gear ratio. I just feel comfortable with it. It's a personal preference I guess. I can still climb hills. Not as easy though but I can get it done. Hey how do pursuit bikes feel on the track? Never really rode one before.

this is not a pursuit bike,

this is not a pursuit bike, it just has a angled top tube to show less seat post. The geometry is the same as other track bikes . That gearing is not about preference , there is just zero reason for that.. I don't get it . Maybe you think a bigger gear = faster, but thats not true.. Maybe to impress your friends or the internet .. That gear wont really make you stronger cause you definitely cant utilize it , but it may blow out your knees.

Well,you seemed to be an

Well,you seemed to be an expert and I've seen your bike built & I was impressed!
But one thing I don't get,using a quill stem with a 58deg. drop & a riser bar?
Guess that's what you call having it your way or preference.
I suggest you should be very careful on commenting other people's bike on this site.
You're an expert? Try giving us advise,not your obnoxious comments.
Be safe riding or racing?

The risers on the umezawa

The risers on the umezawa were on one of my first track bikes about 2-3 years ago. I no longer own a set of risers. Anything I comment , is from experience , not hearsay , so please take it for what it's worth . I've tried hard gears on the street, and from my experience I know that easier gears are more beneficial . When I say easier, I think ideal is 47x16, 48x16, or 49x16. Anything more than a 50x16 and it wont teach you to spin, and it will put a lot of added pressure on your knees. The gear you have on is just crazy, its harder than my track ratio.. The fastest , most talented track riders I've seen , ride very easy gears on their track bike , like 48x18 . Learning to spin fast and efficiently makes a fast rider. Maybe twice a week put on a hard gear and mash it out, but not every day.


+1 for 48x16. i ride that now and i love it!

Posted By: SkidMark
Hot Rods don't have four doors, and when they burn out the rear tires smoke, not the f*cking front tires.

Kids these days.

Thanks for your comments.My

Thanks for your comments.My gear preference & bike weight fits the time I ride my bike.Unfortunately,I don't have that much of leisure spending hours riding.
Good day to all!

Pursuit not. Very nice bike

Pursuit not. Very nice bike I really want one

Thank you Sir!

Thank you Sir!

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