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Motobecane Nomade Sprint (crashed)

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Motobecane Nomade Sprint / 58 / 1979

Xtreme Pro Attack / 3ttt


Hand Build by Velodrome BXL

Shimano 600

Selle Italia

Shimano 600 'arabesque' / Shimano 105

Weinmann 610 Vainqueur 999 / Xtreme Pro Super Didi

Total loss when crashed into car. No damage to rider. Got a good deal out of it (but a shame nevertheless)

People who friended this bike bobdol3, payne

car 1 = bike 0

car 1 = bike 0

the fix

find two stout trees about 20 feet apart. chain the rear rim to one and fasten a come-a-long to the second tree and then to the front rim, cranky cranky until it looks the way if did before the wreck. Put it on craigs list with a "some front end damage, great for hipster fixie conversion" disclaimer!

Thats where Cinelli got

Thats where Cinelli got their design from



I bet you can't take any

I bet you can't take any lefts on this one.
Had a similar crash, but the front wheel was so straight that it got stopped by the downtube and I was thrown over the fire hydrant I crashed into.


Wow,that's some tight geometry! Don't you have toe-overlap related issues on such a short wheelbase?



Super tight tire?downtube

Super tight tire?downtube clearance.

Sorry about the bike man, I've run into two cars as they pulled out in front of me. It's an epidemic.

Hey but look at how strong

Hey but look at how strong the front wheel is: still straight while fork + frame are bent. Axle or bearings broken tho.

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