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Bike built for Mrs. Cinelli (Cino's wife) in the mid-60's         Featured Bike! on 08/4/2011

Bike tags: Commuter
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mid 1960's (I believe 1965)

Cinelli steel with stem badge and brazed on brake levers

Headset Campagnolo

Campagnolo Record hub without oiler band radial spoking to special smaller sized fiamme ergal rim

Campagnolo Record hub without oiler band radial spoking to special smaller sized fiamme ergal rim



Campagnolo Record pedals with short spindles

Campagnolo Record

Braze-on brake levers. Universal calipers

This bike was teh personal bike of Mrs. Cinelli (the wife of Cino) The rims are a special intermediate size that Cino favored which are smaller than 700c but larger than 26".

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this is incredible

this is incredible

Glad you like the bikes.

Glad you like the bikes.

Added to 50.4 cluster

At least, the woman's bike is. I'm having more trouble figuring out whether the men's bike is a 50.4 BCD crankset or not.

The men's bike has Super

The men's bike has Super Record cranks. I do have a few other bikes with 50.4 BCD cranks.

Okay, I'm adding...

...the Bob Jackson tandem and the Soens triple. Have I missed anything?

I've got three others, but

I've got three others, but the bikes are still not posted here.


So full of it......

27" maybe?

27" maybe?

27" > 700c

I'm thinking 650b, which was a common size for French city bikes (porteurs, delivery guys, mailmen) and cyclotouring bikes, because you could use wider tires at lower pressure for a gentler ride. They're going through a little mini-renaissance now; companies like Rivendell and Velo-Orange are pitching them as an alternative to 700c and 26" mountain.

The ERTRO number on the tire should give you a clue. Here's a list of the common ERTRO numbers:

630 = 27"
622 = 700c
591 = 650a (triathlon, TT)
584 = 650b
559 = 26" (mountain)

polyglot, how'd you get your hands on this? Did you get any kind of documentation establishing the provenance?

Are the hubs actually marked "Record"? Are the oiler clips missing (in which case, there will be a filler hole with no clip to cover it) or were they never there? It's possible that the hubs are actually an older model, like the late-'50s Gran Sport/"no-Record" (basically, Record without a model indication) or the mid-'60s Nuovo Tipo. It's harder to tell on low-flange hubs, because the cutouts on high-flange models differ. If you can get a magnet in to the central part of the hub shell, that will tell you something; the Gran Sport has an all-steel shell, the earliest Record (I believe) has aluminum flanges with a steel central body, and the later Records/Nuovo Tipos are all-aluminum.

Cino Cinelli was a known

Cino Cinelli was a known believer in reducing the diameter of rims so as to be able to build smaller sized frames and also because of the improvement of road surfaces. The rims size is just barely smaller than 700c, but is not as small as 650a or 650b. This is a size that is unique to a small number of Cinelli bikes. Both the bikes in the photos have this smaller size. There are at least 6 Cinelli bikes with this smaller sized-rim size in the USA, and many more in Italy. As regards the hubs, they clearly state Record and no they do not have the oiler holes and they are alloy. I have a written confirmation from the son of Cino and Hedi Cinelli who has confirmed the provenance; he is also verifying if he might have some photos. The other Cinelli in the photos is another bike specced personally by Cino. It too has the reduced sized rims, longer cranks, the radial spoked front wheel and Cino's preferred paint color.

Oh yeah I like the new V-O

Oh yeah I like the new V-O stuff

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