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cinelli olympic pista

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cinelli olympic pista

crappy second hand riser bars/Cinelli stem

cinelli/hatta swan super swan

C-record 32h to campagnolo rim

C-record 32h to campagnolo rim

campagnolo pista cranks/BB

Flite Saddle/Nitto Jaguar post

MKS RX-1 peadals/izumi fancy chain

EAI superdupercog (46x17)

Thanks to jim c. at Orange 20 [] for rocking the HS and any problems beyond my grasp.

This is my favorite bike ever. Even more than that one BMX I had as a kid. This bike has had many incarnations. Basically, it has gone 1/2 Japanese 1/2 Italian to Full Italian back to 1/2 Japanese 1/2 Italian. Some day, I will bring it back to all C-Record but every time I get close, I get hit or crash and break something (RIP Campagnolo TBS pedals). I have been hit on this thing, I have fallen off of this thing and it keeps on going. I am going to ride it until it is done. Other bikes come and go but this one has been with me since 2004.

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I am a moron:

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i totally know how you feel

i've once had all italian components on my bianchi pista & now have part japanese components since its hard to replace for vintage italian parts (especially from bike accidents).the bike looks stunning nonetheless. well done.

Thank you. Ever since the

Thank you. Ever since the last time I got hit by a car, I gave up on the bike being all C-Record. It does have C-record 36h hubs laced to campy omega rims right now but the pedals, headset, bars and stem are NJS parts...

I had forgotten this website

I had forgotten this website existed...thanks for finding me even more websites to put off studying with! I'll try and have the uno up soon.


Nice build. Tonally similar to my Bushnell. Prefer the drops over the risers. Something about risers on vintage frames seem off to me. Maybe we'll cross paths at O-20.

I agree, a full

I agree, a full Cinelli/Campagnolo late 80s theme would be amazing for this bike and some day I hope to have old Joe Bell paint this thing right and rebuild it c-record but for now, this is the bike I ride from the bowels of N.East LA to The Bicycle Kitchen and everywhere in between (but not farther west because those West Side kids are crazy). The risers are SUPER comfortable and the parts are overbuilt and functional. Regardless, I like how this bike looks so much. Thanks for the comment!

yeah Jim C is a pretty rad

yeah Jim C is a pretty rad guy..TJ's not too bad himself either ;)..I miss them..and bicicocina..and LA..

those guys are both

those guys are both assholes. You can still catch them at the kitchen. Jim is there Sundays I believe. I think TJ rotates in and out of regular days. If you go in Sun. call Sat. and make an appointment!!! If you are in LA, stop by!!!


really like those chromed risers and the cxp30 rims, too bad NOS cxp30's are waaay more spendy then velocitys =(

if you are patient, you can

if you are patient, you can find CXP-30s for cheap. I have wanted to build a wheelset for a few years but I keep coming across built wheelsets NOS for cheaper than just the hubs cost. You just have to look around...

my BB is the same I think.

my BB is the same I think. Pretty generic. It has some serial numbers and the size but nothing cool like pantographed logos. This bike is from around 1990, I have been told by different peoples...

your bike way mas rad

your bike is way mas rad

i just read about

i just read about bicyclekitchen in bicycling magazine... next time i'm down in LA, i'm droppin' by to say hey!

word. email me if you are

word. email me if you are down and I will meet you there!
thejamesinger [at]


Hey buddy - haven't heard from you since my first and only visit to bikekitchen - hope all is well!!!
ps> i have a pic of cinelli propped agaisnt the scoops sign. want a copy? email: scrubtrack -at- gmail -dot- com
So it goes

yeah, you should move to LA,

yeah, you should move to LA, you would fit right in at the Kitchen!


That's my old bike! Lookin' good James. Glad to see you're still out riding and enjoying it.




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