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Lolypop (the evilution)

Bike tags: Fixed gear | fixed | Seattle
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Riser, SP

Peugeot, Tange

Spinergy Rev X Carbon Fiber




Generic whatevers and some red chain


Totoally Rebuilt front end after a gnarly accident which detroyed my fork, front wheel, headset, bars....12 stiches but no broken teeth.

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I am loving

the last picture.

Where did you get the

Where did you get the spinergy?!?!?
I can't find anywhere


I'm wondering how well the spinergy wheels hold paint, them being carbon. I don't know much about painting carbon fiber, but I want to paint one soon. What did you use? Just spray paint?

when the standing still subsides, the moving will resides.
each covert compassion yields to its known spectacle.

dont spray paint!!

honestly that will ruin it. the only way is try and find a powdercoat company and have them do it for you. that will cost anywere from -0 but its worth it.

you can't powdercoat carbon

spray paint is probably no worse for carbon than soap and water, since carbon is woven fibers of kevlar coated in epoxy resin, which is inert. fancy race cars have carbon bodies, and they are all painted. maybe if there were chips in the resin and the fibers were exposed, the solvents in spray paint would damage it, but if there are chips in a spinergy rev-x you have way bigger problems then whether or not it will get harmed by spray paint.

whoever suggested powdercoating has no clue what they are talking about, powdercoating would be terrible for carbon since it would have to be sandblasted first, then cooked in an oven, not to mention the fact that POWDER COAT ONLY WORKS ON METAL since whatever you're coating has to be able to carry an electric charge.

and quite honestly, I would be more worried about my bike not having brakes then I would be about whether or not some krylon has damaged my crabon fibre tarck wheels. hella hecka trustafarian fixie jamfest forever bra.

screw those wheels period ,

screw those wheels period ,

but then again hipsters dont need teeth


That spinergy kills it in orange man. I was thinking about getting one but that just did it for me. I gotta have one.thanks. How hard was it to paint that carbon?


did you paint that wheel yourself? whats the deal? looking to get a rev x and want to change the color, looking for some insight especially if you did it yourself.

The guy holding the bike

looks like that porn escapes me


Where did you get that fork? It looks like something I sold on Cap. Hill 6mos ago. Tight paint.


i saw that rev-x on craigslist, u beat me to it!

lucky me

yeah, my old wheel had bit the dust, that showed up right as i needed was ment to be i guess.

cute fam

cute fam

robot or house arrest?

what is that on your ankle?

thats a bandana so i dont

thats a bandana so i dont get my pants caught in my chain and go flying off the front when the rear wheel unexpectantly locks.

if it's fixed, you won't go

if it's fixed, you won't go flying anywhere, you'll break your fucking ankle.

are you

kidding me?



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